TEA magic to harness sunlight

Also known as it's been raining and grey for nearly a week straight and I really wanted some brightening tea. All the herbs I used in this recipe evoke at least one property of the sun's life-giving magic.

 🌞 Harnessed Sunlight Tea Blend aka A Ritual to Harness Sunlight

Lemongrass (cleansing and purifying), 

Turmeric (warming and comforting), 

Calendula (protective and healing), 

Ginger (stimulating and empowering, and

Star Anise (luck and passion, it is also widely used in moon spells and the moon reflects the sun's light after all so it still works).

Add honey and lemon to taste and for an extra dash of sweet magic.

A suggested meditation: 'I am lit from within. I allow my light to shine.'