Tea Time Reading #7

This full moon in Taurus, as all other full moons do, knocked me on my arse and left me unable to do much else except stay in, drink tea, and read delicious writing by amazing people. Here's some of what helped me pass the heavy moonlight.

Jesse's connection of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the ancient and always relevant study of the Chakra system is fizzy and inspiring and reminded me that I was trained in energy work and need to get back into working these vital energy centers out again.

Speaking of chakras, try this nifty chakra candle spell from Moonthrall. The only thing I would change is that I would place the root correspondence at the top of the candle. That way the candle is a mirror image and as it burns down, the intended energy travels up my root to crown.

'Hair' from the  You Are Fortunate Card Deck

'Hair' from the You Are Fortunate Card Deck

An oracle deck with a card titled 'Hair' and showing two Black women rejoicing in the intimacy of doing our/each other's hair is a deck I need in my life. Honestly, so do you! This is from the You are Fortunate Card Deck which will be crowdsourcing soon and is currently on Facebook and Instagram, so follow along and support!

Loving Abbie's new column on LRT; the latest, Heathen’s Journey: An initiation ritual for learning the runes guides us on creating and initiating our own set of runes. Powerful.

And since you'll be on LRT anyway, Beth has an awesome Card a Day tarot course that is great for beginners and experienced readers alike. She's been wonderful about posting excerpts from the course and I love this latest on The Moon.

The Twelve Houses of Rest : Find Your Sweet Spot For Restorative Healing by Alexis is an exploration of the Moon's relationship to rest and guidance on how to locate it in your chart and what that might mean for your relationship to restwork.

I really want to do this. Dana who created the awesome Tarot of Trees deck offers up a guide to creating your own Ancestor Oracle deck.

"The basic concept of the Ancestor Oracle is simple: you generate a list of your ancestors (however you conceive of them): ancestors of blood, land, and tradition, those others whom you have loved and lost, human or otherwise.  Then, you either create a deck of cards (which this post describes), get printable blank cards or purchase a blank deck of cards.  Each ancestor or group of ancestors that you want to represent is giving their own card.  Each person’s ancestor oracle would, of course, be unique to that person.  The Oracle itself can be used in a number of different ways including divination, honoring ancestors, celebrating Samhain, and grieving lost loved ones."

Cards from the Starved City Tarot, pic from Meadow Queen

Cards from the Starved City Tarot, pic from Meadow Queen

Meadow Queen offers up an enticing exploration of the Starved City Tarot and oooh yes, definitely a Tarot of the QTPOC deck. I love it already.

Samhain Musings on the High Priestess and Boundaries by Jack of Wands is a wonderful reflection on the High Priestess as the guardian of our boundaries. I'm trying to settle a recipe for a High Priestess meditative tarot tea and I'm devouring all kinds of reflections on the High Priestess and this piece was timely and inspiring.

#MeToo: Don’t Make Trans and Queer Survivors a Footnote from Jess Fournier at Feministing is an important addition to the conversation we're having right now on sexual assault and harassment.