Truth of the Heart for the New Moon in Saggitarius

It's been too long since I've really sat with this gorgeous deck. The Wooden Tarot is a such a beautiful, grounded, and peaceful tarot deck and its message always bone deep.

I wanted some messages for the day, some guidance from the Dark Moon in Sagittarius. No particular positions, just letting the story come through the cards. Should any messages speak to you, I pray they are received in light and nourishing guidance.

New Moon reading from the Wooden Tarot

New Moon reading from the Wooden Tarot

In the SIX OF BLOOMS, we have eyes and a flower acting as a vessel. The eyes are exposed, curious and looking around in different directions. So it absolutely feels like coming out of the deep internal work- not stopping- just revealing what that progress looks like to the external world by putting that wisdom into practice. All the lessons you've learned about giving of yourself without transgressing your boundaries are ready for application.

This allows you to meet the THREE OF SWORDS with confidence. Heartbreak is inevitable- mostly because we can't control other people's actions and that's okay. The real concern is how do we manage our healing, protection, and willingness to stay open. The heart still beats even when it hurts.

The KING OF PLUMES is a vulture! Lovely. Resourceful and able to see treasure in the spaces that are left exposed and untended. I can't help but think of the orisha Oshun, who is associated with love and abundance and butterflies (present on this card too!) and peacocks and honey and bees- so all really lovely beautiful associations. And also the vulture. The vulture makes its abundance in the discarded and left to rot. I like to think of the King of Swords as someone who has had the experience of both loss and success and has learned to see the truth and lessons that are given by both. They are able to use their swords to cut the bullshit and get to the true heart of the issue at hand- or if we want to stick with the plume motif here, shoot their arrow right to the target and ignore all that might derail it.

This is about not losing sight of your own truth despite external influence which makes it a handy energy pair to the vulnerability of the previous two cards.

Hearts open and protected by authentic truth, my loves.