Meeting Mercury in Retrograde

I'm having a tough week, and I'm not at all surprised it came after a Full Moon in Gemini and the beginning of another round of Mercury in Retrograde. I'm experiencing what feels like a full grade astrological assault and on top of everything else it almost feels like too much.

So of course, I turn to tarot. That's another thing I'd been avoiding.  Reading for myself. I can always tell something is very wrong when I'm avoiding the cards. A pretty good indicator I'm avoiding a truth I need to pay attention to. In the interest of practicing what I preach, to the truth I go.

And what better deck to face Mercury than the lovely, wily, Sakki Sakki Tarot, whose colorful spirit I'm happily getting to know. Usually I go with the Welcome to Night Vale Tarot to see around corners but I wanted to give this gorgeous deck a chance.

Mercury in Retrograde Guidance Spread with the Sakki Sakki Tarot

Mercury in Retrograde Guidance Spread with the Sakki Sakki Tarot


I sense the messages here won't be just for me. Feel free to take in what sits with you and take in its guidance. If you'd like to try the spread for yourself and learn a bit more about the spread positions, check it out here.

  1. Message from Mercury the Magician. THE HIGH PRIESTESS. To move with the energy of the baddest chick in the Tarot is just... okay. It's a challenge in the middle of this nonsense. And also, she is exactly the energy we need to navigate this season. The High Priestess sits quietly, watching over everything, seeing the truth of it all. This is a call for us to not simply react to what is in front of us but to think of what's coming beyond this point. To use our intuition with deliberation, pour energy into that deep work instead of panicking and reacting to the stereotype of this astrological energy.
  2. Connect with this inner truth. KING OF SWORDS (reversed). The truth of this season is that you have to let go. Both the King of Swords and The High Priestess rely on knowledge but they practice a different kind of knowing. Trying to form every back-up plan, cover every base, and react to every little thing that can and might just go wrong is futile. Now is the time to be everything the King of Swords is not. Relinquish reliance on over-analysis, rigidity, and control. That's not how you get through this. Mercury in Retrograde is a test, and it's also a gift. Permission to seek freedom in the unknown, dive deeper into the shadow. That it comes in a season created for self-reflection is right on time.
  3. Divert energy from this space. THE HERMIT. Not that this is all navel-gazing. So much of this is going to be about dealing with what comes at us. We're not hiding away- the High Priestess faces front, looks forward. Just that we're using all the lessons from our Hermit periods to deal with our external battles. This one's hard for me to swallow. I much prefer being told to go into Hermit mode. Sometimes though, it's time to get off the bench and engage.
  4. Invest energy into this space. FOUR OF CUPS (reversed). Yeah, tis the season for being dragged into the world kicking and screaming. This is a re-emphasis of the previous cards. Time to harness all that self-reflection you've been doing and let it work for you on the outside. It's why we took all that time to heal our spirits- so that we may better move in the world with clarity.
  5. And here comes the twist! ACE OF RODS. Okay, I get it! We'll have to transmute all those lessons into incisive action. It's all about being able to use them to work with surprises. How do you stay calm when it's all being whipped up around you? More than that, where can you find joy, laughter, and passion throughout all of this? The Wands are more than just action, they are also a reminder to feel deeply, seek out what moves you, and yes what makes you happy. Spiritual growth isn't just the deep dark swirly emotions. It's also about happiness and joy, and I don't think we remind ourselves of that enough. Healing up is messy, but what's the use if we can't even enjoy it?
  6. Deviate from the beaten path. DEATH. When I created this spread, I wrote the following for this position's explanation: "It's easier to manage chaos if you're not so comfortable with things as they are." Some things will have to give. We don't give always give the Death card enough association with you know, death. It is necessary that some things are brought to a close. Let what needs to end, end. Don't create unnecessary work by deviating energy from what actually matters.
  7. You'll need a backup plan. EMPRESS. A backup plan that asks us to take care of ourselves and each other is one I can endorse completely. Moreover, the Empress supports the presence of the Ace of Wands, asking us to nurture ourselves- through the pursuit of joy even in the worst of the storm. Identify means of care and support and not just ones you provide for yourself. Do not hesitate to ask your community to show up for you- another thing that Mercury in Retrograde does is expose the truth of our relationships. Take note of those who share energy with you- truly share, as in a balance of energy exchange- they are the community you need.

    I'm not saying discard those who aren't able to do the same for you right now, the reality is those of us at the margins are so often without surplus energy and aren't able to show up exactly how we'd like... AND also when that is our reality, the challenge is to avoid resenting others for setting up boundaries that protect themselves from feeling mistreated and misused.
  8. Just one more thing. FOUR OF COINS (reversed). Seriously, remember to relax your hold on control. This isn't the time for it, my loves. It can be so hard to allow that flexibility; control is one of the best self-defenses we develop and it protects us when it is useful. Right now though, it's only a hindrance. Overturned the FOUR OF COINS is also about boundaries held too tight without room to breathe- don't let your boundaries stifle you. Contrary to popular belief they aren't just to keep you boxed in, they are made to allow you to move more freely, feel protected and secure in the space between you and them.
  9. Your rebirth as The Magician. TWO OF COINS. Balance. I see the High Priestess in this card, but a High Priestess that has learned the lesson of the Ace of Wands and the Empress. She's come down from her throne and uses her wisdom to move wisely through the world. On the other side of retrograde season is a wiser version of yourself. One who has grown and understood their limits and boundaries, how they both help and harm. This card is affirmation that its worth taking the time to move with intention.

With all this I hope it treats us all more kindly, and that we find time and space to experience growth and joy in full measure.

Many blessings, honeybees.