Tarot guidance for the week: SPEAK (also pls call your govt. representative*)

This is not a week interested in anyone pulling their punches.

Drawing in and away from the world, plain ignoring other people's expectations, is not the best strategy right now. It's time to speak your truth and challenge the institution/tradition/society/authority/power where you can (and as you are safe to do so). Do so with clarity, understanding, and empathy that doesn't compromise your honesty. Apply this to both your world and your broader community.

It feels just about right, for the kind of moment we're living in- I specifically keep in mind those of us fighting to keep our healthcare, here and across the pond. We're in a debate for the right to live, and live with care. So many who have been silent are finding their voice risking everything with the knowledge that not speaking up, not making our voices heard however we are able could mean not just health insecurity, but for far too many death. It's no abstract concept. The threat of the state, of capitalism, has added pressure to the foot on our necks (and for those of you just discovering there's been a foot all along, welcome to the abyss- we no longer have cookies because we can't afford them anymore).

reading from Thea's Tarot and the Vessel Oracle

reading from Thea's Tarot and the Vessel Oracle

That's the big picture, and I'm absolutely invested in this world-applicable message.

However, just because a tarot reading comes in heavy and all majors doesn't mean it won't be useful in an everyday lesson. For me this begins with taking in all the energy that I've gathered in my time away from the world and using to light my way as I re-enter and participate. Today and for the next few days looks like being vocal about what I need to those who do genuinely care about me, but have their own expectations about what my grief process should look like. It means that this will be a week of battling with state bureaucracy, insurance, mortgages to receive what is due and necessary for me and mine, despite their own profit margins and interests. It means doing all of this, without compromising the safety and security of my emotional and spiritual health- a daunting challenge but an absolutely vital exercise.

What does this reading look like for you this week?

Where is it that you are asked to create light-bringing shift that begins as internal work and manifests outwardly in your community spaces?


BTW: United States readers, here is the Senate directory (filter the listing by name or state). Please take the time to call some senators and make your voice heard.

And to make it easier, a handy dandy calling script!


*I used the words 'govt. representative' because Americans aren't the only ones at risk of their political reps cutting away access to healthcare security.