Tea Time Reading #4

Here's another round of what I've been reading with my tea.

-Whispering this prayer as a spell:  To The Black and Brown Girls Who Go Missing Before They Go Missing by Elisabet Velasquez, persistently powerful with the media and law enforcement finally being forced to pay attention to missing brown and black girls.
You, do not get an amber Alert if your name is not Amber.
You, a name too hard to pronounce, must mean you difficult too.
Must mean you not worthy of a chorus to sing you into a prayer.
Must make you a melody we forgot the words too, a quiet hum.

-Bluestockings queer/trans inclusive lingerie photo shoots are amazing (likely not NSFW).

-An important post by Tarot Prose on the pervasive racism still present in Tarot community.
I do not think anyone should feel threatened by the shared space they are part of. I do not think anyone should feel uncomfortable. I do not think racist acts should be ignored, silenced or tolerated. Tarot readers of color should not be forced to choose between silence and safety.

- Jack of Wands' posts are always intriguing, and this round of tarot solitaire he suggests is no less so!

-Respecting Your Seasons & Cycles by Kyana Brindle
Our needs and process are unique. They are also dynamic and shift over time. We all have our cycles in work and life, and we must respect them. The period of rest is just as important as the productive period. As we enter new seasons, we can make space for ourselves to cultivate awareness around the previous ones and integrate what we’ve learned.

-The Strength of Ògún by Natalia discusses the necessary tension of chaos and stability as illuminated by Loki and Ogun.
I can’t help but recall at this point the importance of the darker powers of nature. Wherein the wily and cunning forces reside. Understanding these sinister and uncomfortable aspects of life opens up the flow of possibilities, and forces us to place our selves outside of fear. The crooked shadow forces bring a necessary tension into the creative vortex.

-A moving post on mental health and magic, with a touch of ritual -  Depression, Darkness, and Solstice Rituals from Northern Lights Witch
I’m not alone – I know many other people who suffer from depression and anxiety. And I also know that when fighting this battle, I need to use all the tools in my toolbox. I started seeing a new therapist this week, I’m spending time with family (both blood and chosen), and I’ve checked in with my medication levels. Which leaves one tool left: Magic.

-Tara Nikita offers The High Priestess as guidance for the modes in which we as healers might approach a session with our clients.
The High Priestess is the quintessential archetype pointing us in the direction of the soul. Her knowledge comes not so much from her clairvoyant extra-sensory ability, as it comes from her deeper understanding of the fundamental laws of life – the type of knowledge held within our soul consciousness.

-From the Autostraddle archives (a femme could lose herself there forever), 30 Ways To Eat Honey Because Honey Is Delicious.

-Facets of the Ace of Wands by Meadow Queen is a great insight into all the ways the Ace of Wands appears to guide us.
... the Ace of Wands holds a particularly special place in my heart. It’s passionate and fiery. It resides in a liminal space of ideas not yet formed. It shows us both creation and destruction, life and death.

-The Numinous Tarot is on Kickstarter and though it is funded (woot!), you can still pre-order your deck.