Happy International Tarot Day and Full Moon in Capricorn and also Tarot Haul Joy!

Happy International Tarot Day!

Which apparently is a day we chose for ourselves to celebrate the joys of working with the Tarot (and in my mind, all other forms of cartomancy). Additionally it rather auspiciously falls on a Full Moon in Capricorn.

This full moon is all about getting down to the nitty gritty. This is a wonderful energy to help you push through the last bits of that project you are working on, redraw nourishing and protective boundaries, evaluate your core values, and establish structures that don't restrict us but provide us with a secure foundation from which to build on.

Have a blessed Full Moon, my loves!

Collage from Sarah's (Many Moons) post at LRT

Collage from Sarah's (Many Moons) post at LRT

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Tarot Haul: Gorgon's Tarot, Mirrors of the Heart, and She is Sitting In The Night.

I've been treating myself to tarot and oracle goodies. Retail therapy is not the best decision out there, but I can't say I'm above it! Sometimes you do have to just #TreatYoSelf!

First up, The Gorgon's Tarot.

This is a gorgeous tarot deck by Dolores Fitchie. Read this and this from Beth at LRT to learn more about both the deck and the creator. I'm very excited to continue getting into it and a Deck Review and Interview is forthcoming!

And then we have the Mirrors of the Heart A Deck of Favourable Cards by Lily May is an oracle deck created from linocuts and is a true delight. Also the deck is around 23 years old! With my order from LRT's shop, I also nabbed She is Sitting In The Night by Oliver Pickle. It was created as the queer revisioning of Thea's Tarot (which is sadly OOP) though I firmly believe I can use it to enriching my reading of any deck out there. I plan to do a review of it later this year after really working with it for my Tarot of the QTPOC series (the only book to make it on the list!). Also support independent publishers doing the good work- checkout other titles from Metonymy Press!