Tea Time Reading #5

These past weeks have been challenging, but I'm learning to lean into it, grow with love and compassion through my grieving. As always my retreat is a cup, or three of tea, and more and more paired with wonderful pieces from my community. Thank you to all the folks here for their crucial work.

I deeply enjoyed this piece from Cassandra Snow, on setting intentions, all the watery feels, and reflections on growth.

Marianne at Two Sides Tarot gave us a lovely peak into the Light Grey Cosmos Tarot, a truly stunning collectively created deck that I was glad to add to my Tarot of the QTPOC list.

From One Willow Apothecaries, a wonderful dive into the miracle that is Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil.

from  LilBlackLambPrints

from  LilBlackLambPrints

Black Women are reclaiming their time. Feminista Jones tells it like it is: Mammy 2.0: Black Women Won’t Save You, So Stop Asking.

A planner for working with self-care and mental unhealth! GENIUS, and it is so damn lovely too. Additionally, the creator Alesia Michele Fisher is planning to create a physical version of this awesome planner. Support this incredible project's fundraiser please!

A Tarot Spread for Values-Based Resistance from Abbie of Northern Lights Witch. Abbie also has a banging new column up at Little Red Tarot.

Speaking of LRT, another awesome new columnist, Traci Medeiros-Bagan, explores tarot for mental health and self-care in the Sunday Spread series.

For the Gods: Undoing Spiritual Displacement as a Restless Black Queer, from Rest for Resistance. A QTPOC Mental Health resource.

I'm not going to go see Detroit (2017). One day Hollywood will stop creating work that claims to be diverse but only benefits from the commodification of violence against Black and Brown bodies. It's torture porn at this point, and we are tired of it.

And for that matter, NO, we really don't need to give the white supremacist fantasy show a chance. We're already living the reality. But how about a show that visions a world where Black people took the South and received reparations instead?

from the Personal Space Tarot

from the Personal Space Tarot

With about a week to go, the second printing of the lovely Personal Space Tarot needs your support. Please check out their Kickstarter here! I've also got a review of the deck here if you're still on the fence!