rambling into Virgo

I'm feeling the eclipse energy in a massive way and doing what I can not to completely collapse under it. It's a good thing Virgo season is here, I don't think I'd have been able to do this while in Leo.

A little window into where I am and where I've been.


First, Virgo tarotscopes are out at Siobhan's Mirror and I'm happy to be back and writing for my fellow Libras! Be sure to read your sun, moon, and rising sign for a holistic outlook.

The Ten of Pentacles can be a difficult for space for us to get to, Libras. Virgo season asks us to mark our tendency towards indecision and procrastination when faced with the opportunity to fulfill a big goal. When the practical decisions need making, we want to run from them in the guise of taking our time to carefully weigh our options. All the while, the proprietor in the Six of Pentacles gazes at us wondering when we’ll stop “just browsing” and decide what we want.

I spent the eclipse with the Black Angel Cards, lit up my altar, placed candles by my warriors, and not much else was done.

from the Black Angel Cards, I really need to do a full review of this incredible deck

from the Black Angel Cards, I really need to do a full review of this incredible deck

Monday was super heavy for me- the lead-up and aftermath of it were too- and I couldn't put my finger on it till I slowed down enough to take an inventory and it floored me.

We can get so caught up in what we feel we are supposed to do in spiritual practice that we forget that life is also happening to us in ways that we cannot control and should be honored as much as the latest heavenly dance.

That pressure to be extra magical moved me to go on a bit of a rant about the tendency in the spiritual community to push folks to engage with every single flipping astrological event. So much of the conversation is set up to make us feel like if we're not actively "DOING THE WORK" when the universe is extra magic, we're not doing spirituality right.

Which is bullshit. It's also incredibly shaming at best and ableist at worst.

Listen, if the next time all the planets align and it's a 1 in 100 year occurrence and all you want to do is rest and relax, go ahead and do just that. If a certain event is bringing up a lot of shadow muck you don't feel safe excavating, you don't have to. You are allowed to take the compassionate route and choose to work on it later.


So that's exactly what I did. I made some tea and let Tuesday come without any major work and I was so much better for it.

I hope that you were able to take it easy and that if you weren't you are able to make time to recover and replenish your well sometime this week or weekend.

How do I feel about it now? Well, I'm still exhausted. And there's a hurricane!

Those of us making our way on the Gulf Coast are facing a rather forceful tropical storm so please send wind calming thoughts our way as well as prayers of safety. I had a pretty packed weekend planned out to knock out some important obligations but that's shot. I'm trying not to panic and fall apart though. It's freaking hurricane. There's little else to do but wait for it to pass and be as safe as I can.

And it's only Wednesday my loves.
I believe in us anyway!