Magic of Herbs: Yarrow

One of the projects I'm looking to assemble the Magic of Herbs series i a downloadable resource is a list of 13 essential magical herbs. I'm still working through it and sitting with which herbs I've found absolutely essential to my spiritual practice but there are some obvious choices. One of which is Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).


Yarrow is ancient herbal magic revered for both its spiritual and physical healing properties. An herb of Venus and named for the great hero Achilles, Yarrow lives up to those legendary associations with its incredible breadth of medicine. I'll be focusing on its spiritual associations here but I invite you to look up how its used to heal the physical body. I promise you'll be impressed by everything it can do for everything from colds to digestive complications.

Yarrow for Wounded Warrior-Healer

Call in Yarrow's magic to help banish melancholy from your body, mind, and spirit that has set in and seems immovable. Allow it to be the support or shelter when everything seems to be spinning out of your control, let it help you ground yourself as you re-establish your foundation.

Yarrow grounds without holding down, which makes it extremely useful for those looking through the veil, helping to provide clarity and discernment. Part of how it provides this grounding is that it provides protection from enchanting distractions. While in this space of astral projection, meditation, or energy work invoke Yarrow to protect you from psychic attack. When we turn inward, clear our minds of external distraction, we find that the peace of grounding, of getting truly centered comes much easier to us. Turn to Yarrow when you have trouble clearing your mind before a meditation or energy session.

Thou shalt ever be my theme,
Yarrow, winding down the hollow,
With thy bonny sister stream,
Sweeping through the bloom so yellow.
On these banks thy waters lave,
Oft the water found a grave.
— James Hogg

For those of us who move through the world with bleeding hearts, never mistake your deep empathy for weakness. Instead support it with your natural ally, Yarrow.

Yarrow is ancient medicine for wounded warriors and heroes- activists, educators, healers, caregivers, all of you who live your life in service to others upliftment, protection, and growth. To know what it is to constantly be asked to give of yourself is both gift and curse. It places us at high risk of emotional and spiritual burnout, not to mention this work often means we take on, intentionally or not, the shadow of those we bring light to. We're also rather famous for never wanting to 'bleed on others', so to speak, which can leave us operating from a deficit. Yarrow teaches us the lesson of giving from the overflow rather than allowing ourselves to be drained dry. Part of this is not just stopping us from giving too much, but also softening unnecessary shields that keep us from asking for and accepting care from others.

Yarrow stands with us and stems the flow of blood, in both physical and spiritual action, giving us the precious moments of pause needed to heal. Yarrow guides us back to light, allowing us to lift up from darkness that would drag us down and instead shows us how to use that energy for the greater good. She teaches the craft of nourishing boundary making, provides psychic protection, is a balm for the hurt warrior, and soothes the tired healer's heart.

Yarrow's gift to the healer is the knowledge of what it takes to transmute the intimacies of pain and trauma into love and light for ourselves and our communities.