[weekly tarot] A seat at the harvest table, reflecting on community with A full moon in aquarius eclipse

Today we celebrate the Full Moon in Aquarius, also known as the Corn Moon for its synchronicity with the week traditionally regarded first harvest of the summer. Corn is gold, abundance, and future survival. We bring in the sheaves and store the grain to prepare for the cooler months sure to come. In this way we respect nature's cycle and prepare for our own's turning.

Our Corn Moon reading from the Daughters of the Moon Tarot

Our Corn Moon reading from the Daughters of the Moon Tarot

At the heart of the reading, we have the TEN OF PENTACLES, the perfect card for this season, aptly named The Harvest. Here we are invited to dig in the bonds of community. In the image, the people gathered seem to be friends, if not family. They look happy and glad to be there. It's an ideal- and one we often strive for. However, those of us who know marginalization well understand that even in these spaces that are supposed to be safe, community does not always nourish.

When we are asked to dig in to community, it's not just a happy go lucky let's all be friends kinda thing. We are being asked to really look at each other, see each other for who we are- and yes, ourselves for who we are.

How do we exercise power in our communities? What is our privilege in these community spaces and how will we use it for those without access to it? How do we hold each other radically accountable- that is, how do we not forsake those of us most powerless for the sake of holding a community together?

The CRONE OF PENTACLES takes it further and asks, How do we amplify the voices of those without privilege without speaking over them or for them? In this image, an elder shows a young novice how to build a home to survive winter. Experience teaches those without experience- and it is this way we should approach our community building. We cannot deign to speak for those whose experiences we cannot share, even if we ware doing it with the aim of solidarity. Solidarity without consideration can be an exercise of power.

And asking others to unpack that shit for us ain't the thing either. THE FOOL here looks at their own reflection, looking inward first before jumping into whatever this new journey will bring. Here, the sun is bright and shining, but in our world today it is as if we are in a permanent eclipse. The moon, mirror to the Sun is partially obscured today bringing up even more questions of who we are and how we see our place in this world. What is bubbling up under the surface of the reflection, hidden, dark, and foreboding? These are uneasy times for so many, and we are challenged to look at how we participate and are complicit in creating that uneasiness and imbalance of power.

The scene in the TEN OF PENTACLES is beautiful and encouraging, but we dig deeper, go beyond the surface to uncover the truth of things. Eclipses are about truth even as they are conversely about hidden things. After all, acknowledging that something is being covered up is the first step to revealing it. Grapple with what truths are being revealed about you, about your community, and about your place and exercise in it. As we sit and break bread at our harvest tables let us honor each others truth, experiences, and spirits by moving with honesty and a true commitment to each other.


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