Recurring Cards and a Card Buster Spread: for cards that won't stop haunting you


You ever been haunted by a particular card?

No matter the spread, question, or even deck somehow the same card keeps finding you over a certain period of time and just when you think you're past it... whoop, there it is! I recently had such an experience with The Star and now my sister is complaining of the same with the Three of Cups.

So why would a card keep coming back?

It's major.

Something of great consequence is about to happen or is happening in your world, and this card is the key to understanding it. Try not to stick with your usual understanding, look closely at the happenings in your life to see what it may herald.

A loose end.

Sometimes these cards show up after the major event in your life has occurred. In this case, you are faced with a lesson unlearned or a stone unturned. Your work is not done and you need to step back a bit and go over your recent past for what you might have missed.

Shift perspective.

As much as we enjoy reading the tarot, we too often get in a habit of reading particular cards the same no matter the question we are asking. Whatever your favorite book of tarot card meanings says, context is everything. No card holds the same meaning every time it is pulled. Look at the card differently.

For my Star haunting, I had to recognize The Star as more than just a message of hope. It was wisdom for dealing with the Tower that came directly from my ancestors. It was also a warning that I may have to repeat a cycle and relearn a lesson of resilience. I think I got the message I was being called to hear, or at least I think I do because it finally left me alone and has for some time now. Though I wish I'd thought to throw this spread then; I might have gotten there faster!

The Card Buster Spread

Here's the card buster spread I created for my sis. I know she's not the only one grappling with a persistent card. Don't pull your hair out, get to the heart of it:

Who you gonna call? Card buster! (indulge my dorkishness y'all ;p)

Who you gonna call? Card buster! (indulge my dorkishness y'all ;p)

GHOST. WHICH CARD IS HAUNTING YOU? I suggest placing the card(s) haunting you at the center of the spread. This ensures that your attention is focused on understanding how your haunter card relates to the other cards around it instead of looking at the answers to the spread questions by themselves.

1. DISTRACTION. WHERE AM I WASTING MY TIME? We can be so familiar with our cards we start assuming that they mean this one thing and ignore all other possibilities. This kind of tunnel vision keeps us from engaging our intuition and really seeing what we're meant to.

2. BLOCKAGE. WHERE IS THERE BLOCKAGE IN MY UNDERSTANDING? Part of the reason we receive the same card over and over is that there is something we're missing, some interference that causes a fuzzy signal to our intuition.

3. RELEASE. HOW CAN I RELEASE THE BLOCKAGE? Now that you have an idea where the blockage stems from, you begin to dismantle it with this guidance.

4. FOCUS. WHAT ENERGY CAN I USE TO FOCUS MY UNDERSTANDING? Blockages addressed, this is the magnifying glass zooming on exactly where you need to start integrating the card's message. This is the loose string that begins to unravel the mystery. Pay attention!