a home blessing

Took an easy morning with my deck after what's felt like far too long- or rather this week has felt far too long and was extremely exhausting.

I've been driving from city to city, whilst also working and trying to pack up all my stuff in just two days. With some much appreciated help and hours and hours of lugging stuff up the stairs, I can finally say that I'm moved in to my new space. Everything's a mess and in boxes but I've got my cats, great natural light, tea, and tarot. I'm thankful.

I didn't intend to draw an intention setting card for my new space, or maybe I did and just didn't want to admit it, and that is what I got. I'm glad my subconscious knew better and asked for one anyway. Only later did I realize that my witnesses for the reading were all associated with home blessing intentions.

Rosemary is more than just an herb of memory- it is a polar herb, helping you find your way back home to the truth of yourself. Rose quartz is widely known for its loving and peaceful healing energy. My earth amulet is often invoked when I need grounding and a resettling into my body and space. Additionally, all three were gifts to me from incredibly loving members of my community. What abundance!

home blessing from the Mary-El Tarot

home blessing from the Mary-El Tarot

And what a gorgeous blessing.

We begin with the FIVE OF CUPS who has been with me on my grief journey. The card of the wounded healer here promises protection and lessons on how to heal with an open heart. It's a wonderful intention to set for my home. I'm extremely fortunate to be able to do intentional work to create a home that is set for protective boundaries and a base of regeneration. It has taken a long time for me to learn that practice- and much to be sacrificed still- and still I know how crucial it is for me and my sensitive spirit to have a space to return to that is void of all the muck of the world. Additionally, it forces me to be very careful with what and who is invited into it and when it is me carrying that muck in, I am able to use the sweet energy I've tended to help me release the miasma. That's what home should feel like. A space than can hold both your darkness and light without being weighed down or restricted by either.

These intentions are grounded by the QUEEN OF DISKS whose realm is hearth and home.

I am heartened by the rose bushes behind the Queen; roses have been coming up more and more as the ally that will keep me breathing deep through the rest of this grief journey, even into the winter. As much as they are water, roses have always tasted and smelled like the best of earth. Rose energy is sweet, grounding, and delights in creating peace and providing comfort. They are very protective, roses, and keep out those who do not pay attention or give respect- often repaying that unkindness by requiring a blood sacrifice from a thorn prick. I can feel the hawthorn of my boundary lines gracefully giving way to rose bushes. They are of the same heart magic, but there's something the rose has come to teach me for this next season.

I'm going to have to learn how to grow a small rose bush on my balcony, I think.

As I finally get to unpacking, rearranging, and procrastinating on all of that I must keep in mind the answer to this homemaking question: what will I put into practice to be this rosy and wise Queen of Disks of my home space?

The Queen of Disks tends to these things, providing an environment where things can grow slowly and beautifully. There is pressure too, and pruning and shaping, as with the cultured rose graden behind her. It’s in her garden with all of the elements in perfect harmony that we live our lives sustained by her milk: food, water, air, life.
— The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White