Full Moon Reading for the New Year

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I'm making it a point to sit more closely with the moon, even the Full Moon I usually avoid. Of course, it would be that the moment I choose to do this it's the first Full Moon of the year and it's in Cancer of all the sign.

Oh the feels.

So I got the Many Moons workbook again, with hopes that I am more diligent with it this go around. The suggested tarot pull for this moon was a little bit out of the ordinary as it had already chosen three cards to be laid down.

The Moon, the Queen of Cups, and the Queen of Pentacles.

In the Tarot, the court cards that correspond to Cancer, the sign the Moon is in, and Capricorn, the sign the Sun is in, are the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles. We can look to these Queens for important guidance in fostering an interdependent relationship with our visioning, our desires, and goals and ambitions. Both of these Queens correlate with Yin, or receptive energy. Both of these Queens are deeply in tune with their natural state and their commitment to their purpose.
Both the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles are at one with their environments. They’ve done the work of love to figure out just what they need. Their energy is not wasted chasing dreams that aren’t theirs. They receive as much as they give. When we act like these Queens, we can go deeper into our desires. We can obtain more meaningful results. We can take a moment to be in dialogue with what we are desiring. We ask of it: What do you need from me? How do you need me to honor you?

Which sounds about right for what I'm looking to improve, especially regarding achieving the necessary shift and change I'm looking towards for the New Year. I suppose it's useful to know what those desires and results are. So far I've narrowed them down to: Peace, Nourishment, and Fulfillment. I already know this will require a shifting in my boundary making as well as working directly with my anxiety to diminish its effects on my day to day activity. So I grabbed the very charming and wise Next World Tarot and sat with the Moon and her Queens for this season. As with all my personal readings, I will share it here just in case there's something here for you to resonate with.

full moon reading with the Next World Tarot

full moon reading with the Next World Tarot

What is this full moon bringing to me that I can work with; what are the gifts? EIGHT OF PENTACLES. The Eight of Pentacles is diligence and wisdom in the implementation of skill. It brings me the slow but sure promise of the product of hard work where my goals are concerned. It might take some time to achieve, and also it will be the product of knowledge I have and I am always improving on. I sometimes feel a bit lost with all of it- particularly the anxiety- it is a comfort to be reminded of what I already have and are open to learning, if I should but take the time and effort to integrate those tools and resources into practice.

What does my heart need? What does it wish to tell me? PAGE OF WANDS. I've been receiving so many of the Pages lately. Which makes sense as I'm starting over, a new space, a new outlook, a new perspective, a new year- young. Living- truly living beyond grieving- in the aftermath of a Tower and Five of Cups sort of year. Not that I'm done with The Tower, obviously it leaves its mark. I don't think I could say it better than the book. "You are brave. You are up for the challenge. You will soon know the depth of your magic." Portentous.

What do my desires wish to tell me about the work involved? REVOLUTION. Like I said, I'm not done with the Tower. A lot of how I'll be achieving my goal will be by starting from scratch. Eliminating old habits and ways of knowing the world. The application of force must shift. What would it mean to shift posture from holding a world together to opening myself up to the newness and magic of the world? Heart open and trusting its protection. Self-care practices that are more than indulgent and are also useful, talking back to my anxiety when I have the capacity, and the compassion for myself through all of this newness particularly when I fall and mess up.

What must I release in the next few weeks in order to gain more intimacy with my goals? KING OF WANDS. Application of force comes up again. The King of Wands in shadow is raging fire, the eruption of volcano and no longer using his fire to tend, warm, renew, or create. They are a force of destruction- oppressive force. Not that all force is bad; it's all in the application. So out with the raging warrior of fire and in with the creative spark in the Page of Wands hands. It's a hell of a thing to ask someone at the start of the new year but that's what the blessing of the Page was for.

“You are brave. You are up for the challenge. You will soon know the depth of your magic.”

— Next World Tarot guidebook