Meeting the Lovely Omens Tarot

Best way to get to know a deck is to work with it, so soon after the Lovely Omens deck arrived, I threw a general three card reading. No positions, just looking for the story.

reading from the Lovely Omens Tarot

reading from the Lovely Omens Tarot

Ace of Cups, usually a promise of a new connection. It could be that and also I associate it with emotional insight, a deeper knowing of or willingness to know oneself. The Knight of Cups takes center stage. The femme in this card is facing forward but her eyes are straying to something just out of the frame. I get a sense of the willingness to show up to the new space and the hesitance of opening up to something new and unfamiliar caught in this card.

I really didn’t ask this deck to read me like that.

It doesn’t help that the next card is The World, a card that marks entry into the vortex, moving on to the next cycle. The Knight of Cups is turned away from The World, but from the direction her gaze is sliding she’s just curious enough about what happens next…

Damn this deck is good.

I’m going to go lay some coconut oil down to soothe what’s left of my edges now.