A Spread for Facing Fear

Whether authentic or manufactured, whether sought out or actively avoided, fear is all around us. For some time now we are feeling the consequences of fear performing its chaos magic on the world- those in power are reacting out of fear of losing privilege, and those being crushed under their heel are in fear for their lives. We feel fear for others, in reaction to others, and we also fear for ourselves- too often fearing ourselves or at least parts of ourselves.

Thing I've learned about fear is that it doesn't always have to be about something bad. I'm not always afraid in the face of a challenge, but I am almost always afraid in the face of my own power and the opportunity to harness it. In this way fear has taught me its complexity, that there are many facets of it and ways to access it from a place of sovereignty.

The liminality of Samhain seems to be opening me up so much more into awareness of fear, and so I thought to confront it. I was further inspired by @thecrackedamethyst's #tarotandfear challenge for October, but because I've never completed a daily challenge in my life, I thought I'd combine and maybe remix some of the questions. As such some of these positions are directly from the #tarotandfear challenge and others are my own reflection. 

I hope that this spread helps you not just face fear but work through it. I truly believe there is something beyond the veil of fear that is waiting for us and will help us grow- and it may not necessarily be a good thing! But even if it is further challenge on the other side, the energy we create when we confront our fears will help us meet that challenge at our very best.

facing fear spread.png


1. What does fear mean to me?

2. What's really behind my immediate reaction to fear?

3. What is it about myself that frightens me the most?

4. How does my fear limit me?

5. How does my fear protect me?

6. How does my fear push me?

7. How can I breathe into and face my fear?

8. What lesson(s) can I learn from my fear at this time?

9. What awaits me on the other side of my fear?

As always treat yourself gently as you work and reflect on the results of this spread. There's a very good chance it will activate feelings of vulnerability and denial so work this spread with care and intention. Take it slow, break it up into chunks so it isn't all overwhelming.  

Have a blessed and connected Samhain!