Deck Interview: The Solar Wanderer's Tarot

I was very lucky to be gifted this amazing deck; The Solar Wanderer's Tarot from Casey Zabala is the reversed version of their original Wanderer's Tarot. I've always had a difficult time with the white on black particular color scheme, more about my eyes not being able to focus than an aesthetic preference, so I was very excited she released a reversed version.

Couldn't wait to get my hands on it... and my tourmalinated quartz practically begged to be paired with it, so of course, I did a deck interview.


1. WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT YOU? Six of Moons. A reflection of myself, but not so exact that it means nothing to work with it. Instead, it'll force me to look closer and see more deeply into myself.

2. WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? Six of Blades. This deck offers a change of pace, a shift in perspective necessary to the objective of looking closer. To see everything from all sides, turn and turn and see from which point to best make my decisions.

3. WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS? The Magician. Reflections are just that, reflections. The action, manifestation of my vision and purpose is left up to me.

4. HOW WILL WE BEST COLLABORATE? Three of Feathers. Providing a blueprint for action, rather than telling me exactly what to do I can use this deck to look a bit closer into the vortex. It's still me who has to go through it.

5. TREASURE. Seven of Moons. The power of choice- of not being offered exact answers- leaves me open to trusting myself, and empowers (and yes, pushes) me to believe my first instinct, act out of intuition without overthinking and breeding doubt unnecessarily.

I'm looking forward to the journey.