Waking up is hard to do.

A short one today with the tiny Divina Tarot.

I'm trying to get back into the habit of reading my cards daily. In my difficult rest period, I definitely kept it for a once a week occurrence.

That's gotta change because I love this practice and it always loves me back and shouldn't we focus our time on that which loves us back instead of all that other nonsense? 


Oh hey again, Judgement. This happens to me often. I get a card and the next few times it shows up it does so in reverse like: "You weren't listening to me so how about now?!"

reading from the Divina Tarot

reading from the Divina Tarot

Judgement says it's time to wake up and commit to the new direction opening up. Nine of Pentacles was my focus card this year; it's what I'm striving to: contentment borne of peace and nourishment. Seven of Wands reminds me that the time for dillying and dallying is done, gestation periods coming to a close, and right on time for the first emerging blooms of winter transitioning into spring. It's time to put into place the actions that will result in peace and nourishment. It's not just going to happen, certainly not without some deeply personal and practical action put into place.

Okay, heard.