New Moon in Pisces Reading

I'm on the last day of my week-long break from my day job and I'm so grateful for the time to rest and relax, despite how short the time has felt. I got to a lot of work with folks via my Spark Offerings, actually cleared my inbox for the first time in over two months, discovered awesome new podcasts (check out the Self Care Club), drank ALL the herbal tea, and of course, sat with my cards.

I discovered a truly bomb looking New Moon in Pisces Spread from Queer of Cups that was customized to current astrological events and because I secretly enjoy a wig snatching, I chose the Tarot of the Crone for the reading because it's the ultimate New Moon deck. So let's get into what's happening for you and me this season!

New Moon in Pisces reading with the Tarot of the Crone

New Moon in Pisces reading with the Tarot of the Crone

If I was looking for even more affirmation that this lunar cycle was going to be a big deal for me, I think the result of an ALL majors reading definitely counts. Even with that kind of intensity, there's a flow to it, a promise of ease in the commitment to do the work. Or maybe I'm just riding the calm of my Bolster tincture, either way, I'll take the feeling of being supported whenever I can get it.

1. What lessons am I carrying forward from Pisces season?
TRADITION. "When Tradition speaks, it says the answer is in your past. The answer is in what has been taught to you. And the answer is in what you can learn now... Reach back in time until you find the heart of it. And let the heart turn to wisdom." This is a card of ancestors, a card of the mothers. I have always known and it's been reaffirmed by spiritual elders that I am deeply connected to the mothers in my ancestral line. That they are with me through this lunar cycle is a given, and also I need reminding. It's also a reminder to do my part in developing the relationship and so I am called to do deeper work with my ancestral altar. Ancestors need love too!

2. What does this lunar cycle have to teach me?
SACRIFICE (reversed). "Learn the roots of your suffering: what is behind this particular pain and what is behind that. Let it teach you what it will. But know as well that sacrifice does not make you special; it is not meant to be a lifestyle. Like the tide, let it flood and let it go." This hit hard. I've been deeply grieving for nearly a year now. It's affected every single part of my life, seeped into every space and made its own space when necessary. I've learned a lot about myself; I've learned a lot about healing; I'm grateful. I've also become comfortable in it. With this card I'm reminded that grief is not the destination, it is a journey and it must end eventually. This marks a moment of willing myself to go forward, to come out of the comfort of grieving and face the living again. As important as it was to give myself grieving time, I also need to honor time to live and love and be joyful and nourished. It is not the end of grief, just an evolution.

3. How is Mars pushing me to grow?
TEMPERANCE. "I walk in Beauty. I walk with Power. I build my Walk. With every step I take... Temperance is a dynamic process, a moving magic and it makes a life full of meaning... You have a living Power. Use it now in every step you take." Mars bringing Temperance, now that's a sight to see. And also it makes sense. There are few other planets that will test your ability to practice Temperance like this fireball. There may be upheaval and challenge coming to us this lunar cycle and within this time we are asked to practice balance. Balance is not always about stillness. The figure in this card is in motion, is actively moving with balance. Temperance is the reminder that to move with the intention to transmute what is difficult into what we need it to be.

4. What knot of pain am I unraveling now [Chiron]?
STRENGTH (reversed). "Spirit and will are not attributes of the mind alone. Emotion is not felt only by the heart. Your body holds them all." Body work. Bringing the energy of Temperance into the work of the body. I've always understood that so much of my spirit is held in my physical body. I have also come to understand that I have a sense of my body being a kind of stopper for my spirit, for my emotions, for my magic. My body is the barrier between my magic and my heart and the rest of the world. And that takes its toll. This lunar cycle I'm being asked to rethink my body's purpose. It is protection, and more importantly, it is a vessel and not always a closed one. I have to get into some deep movement work, recommit to my Reiki practice, and generally practice awareness and honoring of where the different parts of my body are at and act accordingly.

5. What can I return my focus to when I feel triggered?
CHARIOT (reversed). "I was burnt/And I survived/I was scorned/And I have thrived/Now I'm on my way/To new adventure...Freedom is the prize for those who embrace the witch." I can always return to the witch. So much of how the witch was demonized was out of a need to practice control over her. She wasn't about that life and so she fled to the liminal, to the ritual, to the shadow and made that her domain. For all that tries to control me/and I in turn cannot control in the realm of men, capitalism, and heteronormativity, I alchemize in the divine. And so for this watery fiery lunar cycle, like the witch of old I return to the magic, to ancestors, my shadow, and the ritual that both lives in and transcends my body.