Soul Practice Guidance for the Week: Passionate Sustenance

Tarot practice isn't always about constantly throwing large spreads and spending hours journaling. When I'm feeling stuck in my practice this is usually what gets me unstuck- the reminder that it's for me, with as few or as many cards as I need.

One card draws haven't resonated as deeply as I would like for me in some time. My magic number for personal readings is three. One day I'll do a post on the many types of readings you can complete with just three pointed questions but for now, I'll just shout out my favorite three-card spread so far. The Soul Practice spread by Carolyn Cushing, which I know better by its positions as the Path-Practice-Posture spread.

And it's what I reached for to provide some gentle guidance for this week (after the Tarot of the Crone provided shadow work rather than a week ahead guidance, useful but not what I asked #tarotstruggle) with the Prismatic Tarot, a gorgeous deck I've been meaning to use much more. As usual, if you find a message or wisdom in this reading feel free to take it in and take to heart.

This Week's Soul Practice Guidance with the Prismatic Tarot

This Week's Soul Practice Guidance with the Prismatic Tarot

Soul Practice Guidance For This Week

1. PATH: What path would best serve my purpose for this week? KNIGHT OF SWORDS. The Knights of any suit are the quick sharp wind of their suit, most comfortable living at the extreme of their suits energies, right there on the edge. The question that comes before us when they appear in a reading is how can we better come into balanced energy so that we are the best of the suit and not the dark sided shadow.

In this Knight of Swords, we see both sides of the suit of swords. There is a use for brave, bold, logical action that prefers to ride in and cut to the chase rather than linger. And there is also a danger to such action as it can tend towards hurtful words and rash choices leading to skeletal frames and broken swords. 

So we are asked to be watchful on our path this week, that we are the best of this bold knight. Especially because I can't help but see a version of Death on his pale horse riding in merciless and absolute. Let us take care that we don't abruptly kill off opportunities or relationships before their time.

2. PRACTICE: What practice will best serve me to move along this pathway? THE EMPEROR. And so it comforts me to see The Emperor show up in the position of practice, and not just because it's my birth card. To the Knight's brashness, The Emperor brings thought and order. The Emperor mentors The Knight on his path to being a leader and provides guidance and a reminder that authority requires an equal commitment to service to those around you. In the dark reds of this rather passion-filled reading, The Emperor adds cool greys and blues that calm and balance without sacrificing the intensity of the vision.

By all means, let us carry out our mission this week but let us not sacrifice the vision that drives it. This week serves as the foundation for the next, and on and on the cycle goes. How does that shift in perspective help us ease the challenges of this week and temper the immediate decisions to accommodate our long-term goals?

3. POSTURE: What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to me in undertaking this practice? THE LOVERS. Despite the seemingly cerebral lean this reading takes with the suit of Swords and The Emperor, The Lovers reminds us that this week is for our passions. It's about joy in doing what we love with those we connect to. It's about developing partnerships and investing in communities that positively challenge and nourish us.

And so this week's Soul Practice theme: SUSTENANCE.

Faced with the opportunity for decisive and bold action in our loveships and passion projects, how can we provide balance to our many partnerships and connections?

What is the long-term vision we are creating together with and for each other?