Where does your energy go?

theastarot-fullmooninlibra reading.jpg

1 & 2. THE WEIGHTS: What needs to be brought into balance in my life right now? SIX OF PENTACLES and  THE TOWER.

3. THE BASE: The foundation of the issue. Where does this disharmony arise from? What root needs to be addressed? JUSTICE

4. THE SCALE: Guidance for weighing these forces. How do I weigh them in fairness and truth to my highest self? SEVEN OF SWORDS.

5. THE FULCRUM: What action can I take to tilt the scales into balance and find alignment for myself? TWO OF PENTACLES.

For the month of April, we are asked to be discerning about what we put our energy into. Sometimes an intentional shift of energy can be enough to turn the tide around us.the

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