Weekend Oracle: Compassionate Healing

weekend oracle from the Plant Ally & Tree Wisdom decks

weekend oracle from the Plant Ally & Tree Wisdom decks

Our focus this week is compassionate healing, which is such a Taurus appropriate message.

We suffer trauma, we make mistakes, and take wrong turns. The oracle reminds us that there is always a place to start shifting the energy, to begin a process of intentional repair.

Things won't always look the same after, and that's okay. Loving ourselves through and after the healing begins is the fundamental medicine that keeps us going as we get used to the new cracks and imperfections that we might soon come to see as beautiful.

Tea drinkers, keep rose petals in all your teas. If you have a plantain salve around, dab some and massage around your heart or other places in your body that you hold baggage in.

Both these plants have amazing physical medicinal qualities and I also encourage you to connect to them on an emotional and spiritual level. ♉🌹🌱