Compassionate Ease with the Full Moon in Sagittarius

After much searching for a spread to sit with for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, I finally found one from Labyrinthos. I know Sag is a fire sign but I'm in a very earth and water place in my world right now and I needed something that invited a bit more peace and grounding.

Full Moon in Sagittarius reading with the Delta Enduring Tarot

Full Moon in Sagittarius reading with the Delta Enduring Tarot

Full Moon in Sagittarius Significator. HARM REDUCTION (TEMPERANCE).

I love this deck so much, and right now I’m in love with the revisioning Temperance as Harm Reduction. It grounds the striving for balance in the community. Which makes sense- because how long can an individual attain balance if everything around them is chaos and violence.

What good is our own evolution (it’s important but it’s not the end game in the long term if it is not rooted in collective liberation? Moreover, healing is rarely a solo pursuit. That Temperance is the card that follows Death is no accident. We need each other to survive- or in this case, revive. Temperance as Harm Reduction also gives us permission to be gentler with ourselves in this work of healing... and push to liberation, for all.

What deserves more of my compassion? Where have I been perhaps a bit too harsh? What needs empathy? JUSTICE.

I tend towards rigidity, which is perhaps why it is always watery spirits that come to save my life, teach me flow, wash me in softness. We all fuck up sometimes. We all aren’t the best allies we could be always. Kindness does not always feel within our reach. And for femmes, particularly Black femmes… what compassion we extend to others in this work rarely ever reaches us (never mind that the world rarely has any to offer us).

Let’s cut that out, shall we? Let us reach back to each other, hold hands and hold the line against the world and remember to let those hands hold us as well when we are unable to hold ourselves.

What part of myself needs to expand? Where in my life can I be more welcome to new adventures and change? THE MOON.

This lunar cycle wants me floating and unfettered. I don’t know how to feel about that, and that’s probably why too! So facing my shadow and then facing the coming Full Moon in Saggitarius I offer myself up to its medicine. Expansion, compassion, balance. In this position, The Moon calls us to check in with the places where false narratives born of trauma, fear, and doubt have marauded all over our ability to even access expansion, compassion, and balance let alone even practice it for ourselves and to others.

Where should I direct my energy? Where should my true self-aim my arrow? THE CHARIOT.

What do you want? It's hard to figure out where we should be directing our energy when we're not clear on what we want. This is a card that asks us to clarify what we want and chase it. So what do I want for this season? Exactly what has been prescribed. Compassion, peace, a deeper trust of my intuition. It's part the intention I set forth for myself for 2018- to move every day with these goals in mind. 

I'm thankful for the reminder.

What is my true purpose for this cycle? What is my place within the cosmos at this turn of the wheel? MARDI GRAS.

Creativity and inspiration have earned you a period of exhilaration and enjoyment.
— Egan, Delta Enduring Tarot guidebook

According to Egan's notes for this card, the Mardi Gras card is about joy, celebration, and choosing to express ourselves fully. I'm also due a break from work for a while which I plan to dedicate to just that. I'll take inventory of the first half of the year, truly rest, and gear up for the other half.

I'm giving up force for a while (which has its uses), and inviting ease.