You Could Also Just Stop


Every once in a while, I do a round of Asali Silent Oracle on my Instagram. The idea is that I draw cards for querents and provide no commentary, silently trusting that the needed message will be received without my interjection.

One of the first things I do to open the oracle is I pull cards from the decks I’ll be using, in this case the Amenti and the Dark Moon Damsel oracle. Often it’s a message that I need to receive before I start pulling for others.

Some of the work I’m doing right now, particularly around my healing practice and biz is returning to authenticity and what is truly calling me to offer. I’d been in doubt and rather exhausted and unenthused about my work so I drew all the way back. I’d began to feel insecure, stopped trusting my gift, and didn’t feel fit to do any work for others when I felt I couldn’t do for myself.

For this round, I pulled “I give offerings that are genuine” from the Amenti Oracle and “Restore” from the Dark Moon Damsel oracle. I needed this reminder.

One thing I can count on is that I’ve always done what I could to be authentic and genuine. Every reading, meditative tea, and writing piece comes from the heart. The intention is genuine, but I’d lost sight of the purpose. So it’s not that I was being dishonest, it’s that I was uninspired because I lost clarity about the journey I was on and hoped to support others in. I’d fallen to pressures of production so much that I essentially stopped creating and had difficulty connecting to my own source. So now, it’s about restoration work. A re-evaluation of purpose and how I want to share that with my community.

I also need to remember that it’s going to take some time and rushing it or pushing my limit will only set me back. Prime example with this recent silent oracle was doing way more pulls than I was psychically prepared for when I knew I should have stopped at seven.

Every single reading was intentional and pulled with generosity and truth at its center but by the time I was pulling the last cards for the final querent, I was tired, dehydrated, and had developed a throbbing headache. So while I was glad I reached more people, I had burnt myself out and taken a few steps back in my restoration work. Learned this the hard way (again), but I’ve learned it!

You gotta feed yourself,
Before you feed somebody else.
— Love Yourself, Mary J. Blige

If you are also working through restoration work, particularly around boundaries and limits, let my lesson be one you don’t have to learn the hard way. If you’d like to reflect on your relationship to your work, whatever it may be, try this Tending to Your Work spread for support and clarity.

Restorative Lesson: When you need to stop, stop and honor your limit- do not worry about not offering enough, you are already enough.