a sweet bath for intention setting & blessing your crystals

I hope your week has been easing out well, honeybees. Mine is trudging along.

I feel like I've been dropping nothing but heaviness on the blog lately, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you've just gotta do the work. I just want to lighten up for a bit.

So here's a bit of sweetness from the weekend a handy way to bring in some extra magic to your favorite crystals and stones.

First, cleanse your stones.

Whether you use salt, smoke, sunlight or moonlight, before you set intentions in any object, it's best to clear it off any residual energy that might create a block. Think of it as emptying out a container of stagnant water, cleaning out, and adding in some fresh water.

Next, prepare your bath and set intentions.

In a white or clear bowl, add fresh water. Then add ingredients that match your intentions.

I like to use a mix of fresh and dried herbs, but I've also added essential oils, florida or rose water, and even honey to my water.

My intentions for this bath were around healing, sweetness, and intuition. I chose rose (love), lavender (sweetness), hawthorn (heart soother), passionflower (peace and divine understanding), mugwort (intuition), and a dash of florida water (a clearing bringing perfume). I then rubbed the herbs in my hands as I prayed, spelled, and spoke out loud my intentions. If like me, you used herbs, it should very soon look like tea and you should start to smell the fragrance of the herbs.

Do this until you feel the bath is ready.

Now, add your crystals!

Leave in the sun or under the moon for a bit. Scoop up and dry your little darlings when you feel they are ready. As a bonus, you can keep the water for a spell or ritual later that day or night.


Please note that not all crystals are meant for water, and for different reasons.
For example, selenite will start to dissolve and chalcopyrite (peacock ore) contains copper and sulfur which can be toxic.