I feel strongly about baths, okay.

It's become trendy to attack easily accessible means to seek comfort, healing, and care. Notably, I've been seeing a lot of vitriol against self-care coming down to taking a bath.

And I get it. It's not the only means that should be publicized over and over but on the other hand let's not pretend like it isn't a relatively cheap and easy to manage getaway for folks who might not have another way to go.

Baths can be ritual, cleansing, bringing, and just plain relaxing. And for so many different generations of women and femmes of color I know, baths have been a solace and refuge in otherwise noisy, stressful, exacting lives.

If baths are accessible to you, I say dive in and soak away.

Throw in your favorite crystals, herbs, salts, flowers, and safe essential oils; invite your favorite person in with you; play some music; soak in candlelight; read; masturbate; meditate and recharge.

Get into your soak the way you want to.