Bubble Bubble, Banishing Toil & Trouble

I've got intentions set for 2018, which is all well and good, but I have learned over time that checking in with the process is just as important. Too often we make intentions, resolutions, goals- whatever you want to call them- and we forget about the day to day slog of actually getting them to happen. 

I didn't want to make that mistake this time so I reached for the Ceridwen's Cauldron spread from the Druid Plant & Animal Oracle. More than just the image of me stirring a bubbling cauldron full of my magic and cackling like the witches of Macbeth, it's also a great spread for looking closely at the creative process and providing clarity at the seed stage of our plans.

Ceridwen's Cauldron spread with the Motherpeace Deck

Ceridwen's Cauldron spread with the Motherpeace Deck

Of course, the first thing I noticed was the many many Fives that showed up. All but the Five of Wands. The Fives are a place of breaking away, of challenge, and sudden imbalance. It's all good though. Particularly as the Five of Wands did not show up suggesting that I'm on the right track at least when it comes to going forwards towards what I want.

As for the other Fives, I welcome them and accept them as the dear teachers they have been and will continue to be. I also have the benefit of associating the number Five with Oshun thanks to my Ifa practice which is an immediate comfort. As I went through the reading I progressively fell in love with what was showing up, even in the places that created temporary discomfort that I recognized as opportunity to grow.

1. Place of Sea Foam (Overall Energy):  TWO OF WANDS - Hmm, a reset and recommitment to connecting with my ancestral court. There's a bulk of medicine waiting to be harnessed in the deepening of my relationship with them. Ancestral wisdom and connection are necessary to the creation of the fire necessary to meet my goals and dreams. Lots of sitting and listening will be required, though that does not necessarily mean inaction.

2. Place of Vervain (Obstacle or Blockage): FIVE OF PENTACLES - Imbalances of home and reality. I'm going just let the Motherpeace read me for filth on this one: "Change is taking place but on the inside, not yet manifest. Inertia threatens. It helps to keep the energy moving- maybe do something physical to keep from sinking into a dark state of conscious or unconsciousness... the woman works with her hands- kneading and rolling, pushing, touching- all these emotions help keep the energy from getting stuck."

3. Place of Rowan Berries (Protection):  FIVE OF CUPS - This one was fascinating to me. Safety is facing up to my emotions being honest. It's also the lessons learned in grief. I see pearls in some of the of the overturned cups. I need to sit and really absorb what it is I have learned/am learning in my grief journey. More than that, integrating them in concrete ways in my life and my work towards fulfilling my intentions.

4. Place of Lesser Celandine (Joy & Awakening): THE FOOL - Kinda perfect. Expanding into new spaces accompanied by guides, ancestors, and chosen community... "every time a human being makes real progress in consciousness, the whole world for [them] has changed; relationships change and the outlook on the outer world and on [this] own situation changes... there is a complete rebirth of the world." I love that. Enjoy the process, whether it's up or down. Find joy and opportunity.

5. Place of Wort (Transformation): FIVE OF SWORDS - Choose me, and choose myself fully! And a bee from Oshun, too! This is usually a darker card but in this form, it feels incredibly liberating. There are moments where we take our victory and choose ourselves and we need to remind ourselves that it's okay. Those boundaries won't come easy and might make folks who were used to taking advantage. I am asked to be compassionate with them and myself without compromising what I know is best for me. That's a breath of fresh air.


How do you evaluate your creative process? Any other spreads you work with?