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Wanna Learn Tarot? Some Practical Advice for Beginners

There is no one specific route to mastering the tarot- any anyone who implies there is should be met with disbelief and a handwave. In the end, tarot is a personal journey and the only thing that can be promised is that continued practice builds skill. How you learn and practice, is your choice! These are strategies that have worked wonders for me.

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Kinda Magical Ideas for Your 'Tune Out Turn Down' Sorta Days

These are tools and spaces I can easily get into without thinking too hard and allow for both my curiosity and magpie lack of focus to coexist easily. I just grab a cup of tea, some chips, or a tub of ice-cream and pass time allowing my heart to do whatever in the world it's doing right now with no pressure from my brain. The bonus is, I often gain something in the aftermath (though I'll admit I'm never particularly bothered to identify what it is every single time).

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