Letting Inspiration Strike The Iron


1, Current energy surrounding my intention/goal setting. THE SPIRIT GUIDE.

Even in my last look at what I'm getting into this year, ancestral guidance came up right in the center of the reading. Additionally, this card is also about seeing clearly and being able to divine the meaning of signs and messages received as I grow along this journey. I have to sit simply and deal with what I may not be seeing and also what I see falsely.

What are the illusions fogging my way forward up? The Black Angel Card guidebook says that the enlightenment the Spirit Guide walks with "is less about knowing what is right or wrong... [it] is more about being aware of the nature of life- being awakened to life each moment... a fixed mind will keep you from having the heart to see anything," which works rather well with the King of Wands being what I take up immediately as guiding energy. Turning away from impatience and a need to handle everything or know exactly what each and every detail will be.

2, What will I have to release in order to meet them? THE HANGED ONE.

Control. I've been perhaps trying to get too deeply into the details of what I need to get started and how exactly that will look like. Honestly, I may need to take a bit of a break (at least more than a few days) before I lay another spread checking in with what's going on with my intention setting. I'm seeking peace, nourishment, fulfillment, and boundaries that heal and protect. Nothing about being overcontrolling and obsessed generates any of those things. The Hanged One trusts in the supports they have explicitly and lets the fall happen as it may.

3, What will I have to embrace in order to meet them? TEN OF SWORDS.

Hey, old friend. Me and this card, I swear. Old lessons taught to me by the Ten of Swords are offered to me to transmute into practical energy. Allowing myself to fall to mistakes, letting myself start over and try again as often as I need to through this process. Terrifying for me to leave myself open to that energy again, but I also can't say that it hasn't worked in my favor each time I had. I had to learn that it's not so much about leaving yourself open to hurt, but knowing that the hurt is temporary and I know better how to avoid the bulk of it. Trauma is not necessarily a kind teacher, but it's better met as a teacher rather than what's pressing me to the ground.

4, What is an energy I can immediately tap into at this stage? KING OF WANDS.

I won't lie. If I met this King of Wands in the street I'd likely hate them on sight for their easy energy and dripping swag. At the root of the hate, resentment and a burning desire to have what they have, I'm sure. This King is no Knight, they do not wield that fire foolishly or with arrogance- the King knows better how to carry themselves and be powerfully in the world without imposing themselves on others. Fear is an old friend they face with confidence and inspiration as their primary weapon. They tend to their creations, knowing best how to start small in order to grow. And when they aren't sovereign over their kingdom, they are in their forge, the skilled blacksmith working their carefully managed fire to create their own tools as they need them. Their most valuable tool is follow-through not control, a persistence of both adaptable inspiration and plain old hard work that ensures success, even if their definition of what success looks like changes along the way.

I've gotta say, I'll be happy to tap into this very Ogun energy going forward.