a quick reminder to be compassionate in our healing work

Grief does not only express itself in sadness.

Sometimes gut wrenching worry is what you get.

Today I meditated, drank, posted, ate, wrote, and slept my way through intense anxiety. Primarily because these are all things I could do on my own with minimal interaction with others. I was unable to connect with those I wanted and needed to...

And see sometimes it's like that. Grief and trauma take us away from the people we love and what we must learn is to forgive ourselves and allow ourselves the solitary time without being too lost in it. That means reaching for the medicine around us. For me today that was a tincture created by femme queer healer, andi grace, and gifted through the "we believe you" zine. So now I hope for sleep and a better tomorrow.

May we be more often be able to give ourselves the time we need and take on our healing compassionately.