Deck Interview with the Dust II Onyx Tarot

My Dust II Onyx deck arrived and woooo!! It's something else. After a night getting it charged up, I had to get to know this incredible work of magical art and so here we are with a deck interview.

my deck interview with the Dust II Onyx Tarot

my deck interview with the Dust II Onyx Tarot

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT YOU? WHEEL OF FORTUNE. There is no definitive answer to any question that cannot be given by ones own spirit. The messages of this deck will act as symbols, signs, a checkpoint in the journey but the choices to be made are mine, and of course at the mercy of circumstance (which we have some control and no control in changing measure). As I went through this reading, it would be a recurring theme over and over. Intution transmuted into choice.

WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? PAPA COIN. Within all the wateriness and airiness of intuition and heart will be practical guidance. A guidance for a way forward that helps with that often difficult work of turning what we know to do into what we are doing

WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS? THE SHAMAN. For such an intuitively responsive deck, I couldn't believe that the High Priestess would show up as a limit! It did finally settle in though. It's not so much a shortcoming of the deck, it's a word of warning for me to not let my use of this deck (or any deck) take the place of my own instincts and intuition. We all need advice, reflection, and guidance from time to time but in the end the choices we make are ours to make. The Shaman here reminds me to meet myself as the first and last checkpoint in my decision making, and everything and everyone else in between.

HOW CAN WE BEST COLLABORATE? TWO OF GOURDS. Answering The Shaman's warning is the Two of Cups. A collaboration of magic, receive the messages and use my own intuition to make the final decisions.

TREASURE. EIGHT OF COINS. The fulfillment that comes from slow, steady, and nourishing work. Working with this deck won't be an instant fount of knowledge and wisdom. In fact, I sense that it'll probably take me about a year to really find a groove with it- there's so much to mine from its art, it would be silly to expect any less. It's also why I've chosen it as my intention setting deck. Part of my Wheel of the Year reading was about setting rituals and an altar up to my intentions for 2018 to match practical application in order to reach my goals. I look forward to getting to know this beautiful work as we move through next year's solar turn together.