deck interview with the Ostara Tarot

Oh it's been a bit of a journey to get this shiny little deck in my hands. I ordered it all the way back in February if you can believe it. It was available on Amazon for a discounted pre-order for a wide-release printing from Schiffer. I'd seen the deck around previous to that, and I loved the digital app already, so I was already intrigued by the lovely animal illustrations and watery fantastic art.

And then I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

When it finally did arrive, I have to admit some disappointment. Yes, the deck is quite literally very shiny and the art is as lovely as I thought it would be. However, it's a bit damaged, with the corners of the card slightly bent. Every single card. Which makes me think it was an error with how it was cut. I've seen this same complaint from other folks who got the deck so it seems to be the whole batch that wasn't well cut or stored or both.

But that's griping to be saved for a review. This is meant to be a get to know you deck interview, so let's get into it.

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT YOU? KING OF SWORDS - This deck is to be one that cuts through the muck, gets right to the truth of the matter- even if it has to go through the heart. I don't know why it's always like this. The softest looking decks always tend to the bluntest readings. Perhaps it softens the blow?

WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? SIX OF SWORDS - Just in case I found anything unclear in the first card position, the Six of Swords re-emphasizes its impatience with the muck. It's gentle enough, but it's more about cutting through the depths of emotion and getting me where I need to go. It offers assistance through difficult transitions, though it requires that I be prepared to make the journey.

WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS? FIVE OF WANDS. Well this is belabouring the point, I think. It doesn't do well with getting caught up, particularly if the emotions are clouding judgement. It's not going to be so great at working through the emotional bits, but a great go to when I want to get clear of the mess and receive guidance on how to incisively move forward. A bit sharp sharp for my tastes, but oh well.

HOW WILL WE BEST COLLABORATE? SEVEN OF SWORDS. Ooooh, what an interesting card to show up in this position. One of the keywords offered up in the deck's LWB is 'initiative'. I find this to be rather different than the usual interpretations of deception and theft. Initiative has a more positive connotation, although I'd argue that initiative can often be seen as negative, particularly from those who aren't allowed to wield its power. This is the energy I'm asked to tap into. To do what needs doing without consideration of what others' evaluation of my motives are. Which isn't always the best advise, but works for the kind of work this deck calls me to.

TREASURE. THE MAGICIAN. And it's no surprise that The Magician is its secret treasure. A sometimes trickster with incisive focus who tends to go their own way regardless of norms. Their power is independence and innovation in how they work what's around them that requires an indubitable initiative. A gaze into the mysteries. What a tantalizing prospect to my journey with the Ostara Tarot.