Deck Interview with the Sasuraibito Tarot

Just received the Sasuraibito deck, after a long wait in the mail. The winter holidays are wreaking havoc on expected delivery times. Send a postal service worker some love this season. Be nice to them even when you have to wait for packages for a bit longer or are suffering in the extra long lines.

In any case, I'm happy to have it in my hands and of course I had to do a deck interview with this soft piece of lovely.

deck interview with the Sasuraibito Tarot

deck interview with the Sasuraibito Tarot

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT YOU? ACE OF CUPS. What a lovely start, and right on for the feel I got from this deck. It speaks from a heart-centered space- emotional intelligence as the deck's guidebook calls it- soft and true. This doesn't necessarily mean it's always going to be rosy. The heart is often a tempestuous space and holds both light and shadow.

WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? THREE OF WANDS. Vision. Beautiful. Seeing the lay of the land. Particularly useful for advice before starting on a new venture. Much like a campfire, warm and steady, and practically useful during the dark of the night.

WHAT ARE YOUR LIMITS? THE HANGED MAN. This deck may sometimes get bogged down in the emotional perspective and forget to come up out of the water for air to seek the practical or logical perspective.

HOW CAN WE BEST COLLABORATE? STRENGTH. A balanced approach. To its heart-centeredness, I can apply some practicality and logic. However, I shouldn't let this be my primary approach to the deck. Chances are I'll likely need the emotional perspective if I choose this deck anyway.

TREASURE. PAGE OF CUPS. I always see this Page as someone taking a chance on themselves, on their heart's strengths and vulnerabilities. They are aware that any fall might hurt, but any chance to soar would be an incredible gift. It's odd seeing the Page of Cups with a bow- I'd have pegged the Page of Swords or Wands for the bow, but instead of holding an arrow they are holding a key. According to the guidebook, it's a key to their heart, and they are willing to string it to the bow, shoot for their goal, and let it land (or not). It's a terrifying kind of openness but when rewarded is so worth it.

I also had some thoughts about deck interviews, and I thought I'd be clear about what kind of exercise I'm doing when I 'interview' a deck. Personally, I don't believe that the cards themselves contain all the answers or magic. I believe that artists set an intention, and there is magic in that, and there is a certain amount of trust in the universe about which cards show up- but the magic of tarot reading is in how my intuition and my guides relate to art the deck. So when I say a deck is soft and kind, it's more that the way the art twangs my intuition and guides triggers a soft and kind message delivery... and vice versa for decks that snatch me and slap me around the back of the head. When I do a deck interview, I'm really interviewing my own intuition and guides for how they'll relate to the deck. It's a bit funny to think about, and I'm still thinking through it, but it makes the most sense to me right now.