Deck Review: Amenti Oracle, Living With a Feather Heart

First Impressions:

The Amenti Oracle is the creation of Jennifer Sodini and illustrated by Natalee Miller.

In a time where love is needed, perhaps more so than ever; honoring and applying the heart’s intuitive intelligence may be the catalyst necessary for the wings of wisdom to take flight, so we may soar into dreams of new possibility.
— Amenti Oracle

Their intention was to tap into the teachings of the Emerald Tablet and the ancient wisdom of Ma’at. This sparked my interest immediately- the idea of a heart as light as a feather has always been intriguing to me, particularly since I’ve always felt that within me beats a very heavy heart (hearts can be weighed down by more than misdeeds). An opportunity to work with this oracle was an opportunity I had to take.

That and the art is pretty damn stunning.


Look & Feel:

The Amenti Oracle comes beautifully packaged. It’s outer layer is a customized full-color illustrated box with magnetic snap closure. It opens up to reveal the cards and the guidebook tucked in lush velvet. The inside is also on brand, covered in yellow and blue moon and stars. It’s a bit large, but not so oversize that I want to decant the deck into a tarot bag. The cards are held in a pretty standard tuck box- this I will probably discard but not because it’s of low quality, more that I just want direct access to the deck- and the guidebook fits perfectly within the box on top of them. I continue to wish more decks were packaged like this!

The cards are a little wider than standard size but not so large that it impedes shuffling, especially for my tiny hands. The card stock feels good, the matte finish makes them easy to shuffle and photograph. I have absolutely no complaints about this aspect of the deck. It was obviously very thoughtfully conceived. There are 42 cards total, an ode to the sacred number.

Imagery & Content:

Each card has the art centered on the page, with a black border on white background surrounding it. I like the funky font chosen for the card titles- it fits the theme of the deck perfectly. The color palette of the deck is gorgeous in muted purples, yellows, greens, and blues which adds to its celestial and feminine aesthetic. The art is absolutely gorgeous and easy to connect to and makes it so easy to connect to its innate magic. I’ll admit that there are times when I feel I wish I knew more about some of the symbolism but intuition usually makes up for the gap in the knowledge.

The card titles help immensely mostly because they are written not as names but affirmations, for example: “I can be trusted.” I think this was a genius choice by the creators and it will make this deck an ideal selection for altar or affirmation work. These cards are meant to be placed on an altar or in front of your mirror for some daily self-work.

What intuition and knowledge doesn’t cover, the guidebook does. It’s a treat to have a full-color illustrated guidebook for a deck, and this one is so worth it. For every card there is an explanation of the affirmation and the way it can show up for you in your life. Additionally, there is an Egyptian proverb that connects to the card and a further breakdown of the card.


Additional Thoughts:

As I learned more about this deck I did feel some apprehension at the way Egyptian cultural wisdom is featured as a base theme for the deck- especially from two white creators. As far as I’ve been able to experience with the deck, the histories referenced seem thoroughly researched and the creators do not position themselves as authorities in this knowledge. Of course, your mileage may vary, and I do respect any hesitation a person of color may have about this deck.

Where to Get Yours:

You can purchase your copy of the deck on the Hachette Book Group, the deck’s publisher, website. It’s also available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online stores with a May 21st release date.


The deck was provided to me by the creators for review however all my thoughts are honest and not influenced by any opinions but my own.