Tarot of the QTPOC Interview Series: Egan, creator of the Delta Enduring Tarot

Egan, the creator of the Delta Enduring Tarot offers up this deck as one that centers on “the love and struggles of the Mississippi Delta, and the Southern lives that thrive there despite all odds.”

As a Black queer femme living in the US South, I wholeheartedly agree.

I’ve been waiting on this deck.

Making its mark in the new and welcome wave of inclusive decks, the Delta Enduring Tarot keeps its promise, providing a magical and political perspective on the tarot tradition with that singular Mississippi Delta flavor.


I was honored to be able to interview Egan and learn more about their vision of this incredible sacred work and its place in the tarot and political conversation.

The spirit of people in the South has always been like that.

There’s always another hurricane coming. There are always oppressors ready to enact their power over the marginalized.

The strength and beauty of the Mississippi Delta people is reflected in the muddy waters of the river that never stops flowing to the gulf.

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