Spread Creation: Excavation Spread, my preferred large spread

When it comes to spreads, I prefer to have three stand-by’s that I’ll use with the most frequency. It’s all based on the number of cards I use in the spread. Naturally when I’m low energy I refuse to slog through a 5 card reading, let alone the common 10+ card reading.

On those wonderful days that I have both energy and capacity to work some in-depth reflection, I use this spread to give me a detailed look at my query.

  1. You.

    This position raises your awareness of the energy you carry, at the moment or what awaits you.

  2. What crosses you?

    In this position, you are made aware of the major obstacles in your way at the moment.

  3. What chains you?

    This like the previous one, is about challenges: unhealthy patterns, traumas, and baggage. The energy here may be familiar to you as it has followed you or tempted you for some time.

  4. What unique strength do you possess?

    There is always something in you prepared and powerful enough to face, get through, and/or triumph over whatever comes.

  5. What calls to you from the shadows?

    Listen to your unconscious mind. This may be an energy you find yourself ignoring or unaware of. Our shadows are not all bad, in fact they often hold important pieces to puzzles we are trying to solve.

  6. Ancestral guidance for you.

    We all have ancestors available to us, a long history of wisdom waiting for us. Ancestral magic is the most available to us, has been since birth and will be long after. Not that you have to bring in every single ancestor- focus on those who mean you well and come in grace.

  7. What external energies should you be aware of?

    This position calls attention to what outside influences are present. For most of this spread we’ve been excavating our inner selves. Awareness of the external is both necessary and complimentary to inner work.

  8. What blessing/challenge should you be aware of?

    This position is essentially a heads up.

  9. Guidance for your next steps.

    Additional relevant information will be stored here. Be sure to reflect how this position connects to the previous one. The blessing/challenge is the what, the guidance is the so what?

  10. Closing oracle.

    I recommend using an oracle card as a last word. You may also pull from the Major Arcana or court cards if you prefer sticking to the tarot. These will give you an indication of an energy present throughout this process that you may want to tap into or learn lessons from.