A Spread for Intentional Emergence

We are in the midst of some powerful energy as we move into the New Moon in Cancer and dive straight into eclipse season with a bang. It can be rough, and that's why we approach it with softness, open and vulnerable to ourselves. I hope this spread provides some guidance and support as you move through this work.

intentional emergence.png

Diving into the Spread:

What is emerging out of me as I grow?

Honor the emerging truths, they ring even truer right now. It might not be all the way pretty, but it has incredible potential for transformation.

How can I better nourish myself as I heal?

Healing is beautiful but it can be rough, and we cannot survive it alone. We are asked to trust that the support is out there, in forms we might not even have expected.

What tools do I have to transmute trauma into healing?

This path acknowledges our trauma, refuses to ignore its realities, and slowly alchemizes it into something new and beautiful.

How can I lean into my softness from a place of strength?

Power isn't always hard and full of force. Sometimes our power can be found in how we remain soft through tribulation. Especially with the political landscape as it is, we cannot afford to grow insensitive. Our feeling is our strength.

How do I better practice fierce love for my truest self?

In all this compassion and kindness for ourselves should be our first resort.

How do I use this as fuel to practice that love in community?

Our own elevation isn't the last step. We heal so that we can return that healing into our communities because understand that our freedom doesn't come to us on an individual basis.