Magic of Herbs: Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)


I have learned to deeply appreciate Rosemary. The connection feels ancestral, warm, and magical. I have never not felt better after a cup of Rosemary tea or an anointing with Rosemary infused oil. Whether it is in its fresh, dried, and oil form, rosemary has seemingly endless uses and benefits and is second only to Holy Basil in my go-to herbs list. I don’t think it’s a surprise to live in an area where Rosemary grows abundantly, both in gardens and in the wild. The scent of Rosemary on the wind always revives my spirit even on my worst day.

One of the oldest uses of Rosemary is as digestive support, particularly after (or during) eating meat. Rosemary cuts through the fat, and from my experience with it, this particular property goes beyond the physical and enters the spiritual. Rosemary clarifies a bogged down mind or confused and anxious gut. If you ever feel stuck, Rosemary is there to help move you forward (another physical effect parallel, Rosemary moves the blood).

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember...
— William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Rosemary is widely acknowledged as an herb to improve focus and memory. An herb of remembrance, keeping a sprig of Rosemary on my ancestor’s altar has always strengthened the channel between us. When my mother passed, Rosemary renewed and supported my new relationship with her as beloved ancestor. It’s a mainstay in focus blends (works very well with Holy Basil and Gotu Kola). It's also great to add to dream recall blends.

A gentle protector, invoke Rosemary in protection workings. It is often used to ward off negative energy and protect circles. It opens a space and closes it off, as necessary. Rosemary supports us in gaining clarity and perspective on our situations. Wise plant spirit Rosemary is great for relaxation and grounding. I also find that it cools my crown and helps clear my mental space of anxiety and confusion. Try a Rosemary infusion first thing and and meet your mornings with calm and vigor.

I have been, and I know I will continue to be, thankful for this amazing plantcestor. In my darkest times, I’ve always been able to reach for Rosemary and receive comfort and peace. Rosemary is also called Compass Weed, a polar herb that points us in the right direction and brings us home. Speaking of home, burn rosemary as an incense to purify, move, and clear the energy of your space.

Rosemary brings us back to ourselves and returns to us the pieces of us lost.