Yes, even the Magician gets anxiety.

These tarot cards are for the times when you've done the work, set the intention, did the spells, planned and prepared, and still hit a wall with yourself.

It's a shoutout to all the queer and poc folks dealing with imposter syndrome within institutions and organizations.

It's a shoutout to all the folks with a record of high achievement in their youth that just doesn't seem to be going anywhere at this point in their lives.

It's a shoutout to all the women and femmes whose work is consistently undervalued and are worried that it might be justified.

It's a shoutout to the artist whose vision won't let them sleep for all its radiance but can't seem to bring it out for others to see.

It's a shoutout to the writer whose story is trapped in their throat and the pages remain blank day after day.

a reading with Thea's Tarot

a reading with Thea's Tarot

Don't be so hard on yourself.

The best of the best have the bad days where anxiety takes over and distracts them from their craft. Keep at it and trust your spirit and all the reasons why you do, what you do, how you do.

You are the Magician and contain within you all the elements you need to create your magic. And you are also human and deserving of compassion from yourself and your community when you are unable to do so.

Your art, craft, and work is valid and it matters. More than that, you matter.

So take care of yourself and get taken care of. When you're ready, you can return to the drawing board.