first impressions of the Spirit Cats oracle deck

With the exception of the week at a glance reading at the top of the week, I've been unable to work with my tarot cards. This happens sometimes- I feel the urge for a reading and I reach for a deck only to lose all interest. Again, it happens sometimes. If I still feel the urge to do a reading though- one that isn't a result of guilt about feeling like I should be doing a reading- then I reach for my oracle cards.

Which gave me the perfect opportunity to try my recently arrived oracle deck, a gift from a friend who thought they might connect with me, Spirit Cats by Nicole Piar. I'm still getting to know my feline friends, but it's been fun so far.

Which brings me to my maint gripe and I wish it wasn't so very annoying because I wholly want to be charmed by this deck. I mean, cats... duh. Thing is, there is no LWB that comes with the cards. I don't know if this was the original intent or simply a cost-saving measure, but I absolutely despise the fact that when I shuffle the cards with the feline faces down, I can see their story/meanings on the back. I don't like it. It feels like cheating somehow. So I kind of have to look away while shuffling and laying the cards down otherwise I'm sort of spoiled for the reading. If we ever get a second run, I sincerely hope that Nicole Piar will choose to go for a Little White Book and just give us non-spoiler card backs.

I am trying to get around this issue though. Like I said, I look away and lay the cards feline face up and then look down at what I've got. In the interest of trying to connect with this deck, I then use my intuition to reflect on what the cats are meant to be saying or representing. For example, for these cards I chose Spirit/Soul Mirror, Fun/Seductive Fire, and Shadow/Exhaustion (cards read left to right) as the words I most associated with these cards.

Turned out my intuition connected rather well! For Spirit/Soul Mirror the back of the card read Soul Mates. For Fun/Seductive Fire the back of the card read Play. For Shadow/Exhaustion the back of the card actually read Shadow! Awesome, right?

For a first try, I thought that was pretty damn on point, and I have to say I'm impressed with Nicole's art and its ability to speak directly to the intuition, drawing it exactly where it needs to go. I'm pretty much going to go with this method for working with this deck. It gets around me seeing the back of the cards and it requires that investment in intuition that tarot can sometime wear out when you have a pretty good handle of what the cards mean. I feel that there's a bit more room for ambiguity here, that I'll notice something different each time I work with the cards.

And oh oops, I didn't mean to turn this post into a review- I did only just get the deck. So I'll stop here.

BTW, if any of y'all have worked with this deck, do let me know how it went or is still going. I'd love to know more about other folks' experiences with this charming little love!