Moving forward, slow and wise.

I needed a firm push back into practice and there’s no other deck in my collection that does that firm grandmother-love push like the Tarot of the Crone.


PATH: Nine of Disks

The Nine of Disks is an energy I’m repeatedly called to and consider one of my goals. To be content, secure, and connected. I associate so much of it with building home as a foundation to spring from. The image of the lady in her grove, content, nourished, and protected. She looks alone but we have a sense that she isn’t- that her space is fortified and guarded by the unseen and powerful. Nines are all about integration, preparing for the final push, about that feeling of everything clicking into place and something inside you going, “I get it now!”. In the Tarot of the Crone, the lady of the grove is back home, and you see the community built around their space. It looks like sharing space with each other whilst also tending and aptly protecting our own sacred home spaces. The call for me here is to learn the balance of making connection without losing self and also how to protect my sacred self without isolating and shying away from connection. There is a sense of ease here that I deeply envy and want badly for myself in these endeavors. And also, this showed up in the Path position so I must remember to be compassionate with self and understand that I don’t have to be there yet, I just have to be getting there somehow.


The Cloak of the Crone is all you hear, all you see, all you know of your everyday world. Only a Fool would try to see what lies beneath. Only a Fool abandons the known for the unknown and perhaps unknowable. Only a Fool risks becoming lost in the Void, becoming a tiny star in endless space.
— Fool, from the Tarot of the Crone guidebook

I love this perspective of the Fool- here the Fool doesn’t fall into the chasm they choose to walk right into it. It mirrors the dark portal like doors in the Nine of Disks and just like the previous card it invites us in to discover our own sacred selves. There are no guarantees here, the universe makes no promises so we must make our own promises to self. If I look closely at the Crone’s cloak, I see the small star, that speck of wisdom that will prove itself to be consequential and shift making. To learn control but release all control. To gain wisdom by walking as a Fool.

Here everything is contradictory so everything is possible.

POSTURE: Priestess

And to get through this void and move forward on this path, my posture must be the one of the Priestess. This Priestess is made of stone, resembling old ruins of sacred spaces that have been standing for decades. The power is in the stillness and groundedness that is required to survive entire eras without losing ourselves. The Priestess is the reminder that very little worthy arrives quickly and without some energy poured into it over time. The stone-ruin aspect of this Priestess reminds me that we can allow ourselves to be shaped by the wind and water of our lives and still maintain our core selves.

Moon-like we change faces/phases/facets without ever changing form.