The Realignment Spread

I call this the realignment spread because that’s what it’s meant to help us do. To bring us back into alignment with our highest good our clearest truth. I created this for Venus in Retrograde and the New Moon in Libra but this spread can be used at any time for anyone looking to bring themselves more into balance.

Realignment Spread

1. What is my current state of alignment with my truth?

We have to know where we are starting from to understand where to go. This position brings awareness to what is happening in the present before we look at the past and future.

2. What stagnant/repressed miasma is blocking my alignment?

3. How might this blockage be stored in my body?

4. How might this blockage be stored in my spirit?

Often where there is imbalance something isn’t right. This position gives us a general view of what might be hindering us from accessing the path to balance. Positions 3 & 4 get a bit more specific. We too often forget the body when we’re doing this kind of work. I recommend you include your body in all your emotional and spiritual explorations as the body stores trauma and memory and pain and all sorts of things.

5. Where can I find courage and support in this work?

We all need help. This one identifies people, guides, and ancestors that will support us in this work. It takes time to come into balance, and it is difficult and filled with pitfalls. No one is an island and sometimes the best self-care is receiving community care.

6. What will this work prepare/open me up to?

I often find that initiatory experiences usually follow a period of deep work. Here the spread closes with a position that offers a peak into the future or a general idea of where else this work may take you. Healing, bringing ourselves back into full connection with ourselves takes time. Don’t rush to get the place this position addresses but be aware of what may come.

realignment spread.png