Rebuilding Home with the 3 Cards to the Heart Spread

I threw a simple spread to get back into the swing of pulling cards for myself.  Fancy 10+ card-spreads are nice and all, but they can end up pushing you further from your cards. Who wants to work through a Celtic Cross when they're low energy? I went with a quick but punchy three-card spread that would address my current weird mood without exhausting me.

3 Cards To The Heart Spread  1. Heart of the Matter 2. Challenge 3. Advice

3 Cards To The Heart Spread
1. Heart of the Matter
2. Challenge
3. Advice

My 3 Cards to the Heart reading with the Divina Tarot

My 3 Cards to the Heart reading with the Divina Tarot

The Ten of Cups is a beautiful vision of abundance. There's little more abundant as a having a place to call home- in physical or metaphorical terms. A place you've invested not only time but love in; where you've painstakingly carved each space out with intention. To avoid mirroring the Ten of Pentacles too much, we move into heart space. The feeling of home we create in our hearts. For me, this has been a fraught space. The loss of my mother left me feeling empty,  a bit broken, while at the same time trying to rebuild that home for me and my little sister.

Nine of Pentacles reflects the ways in which I may be overextending myself here. Not only am I working very hard to create a new understanding of home, and a new way for my mother to inhabit my heart as ancestral spirit, I am also pressed to do this work with and for my sister who is floundering a bit more than I am. There are times when it feels like it's coming together and other times when it feels like I'm cobbling this mess together with nothing more than spit and dirt.

And it is here that Spirit shows up with the light of Six of Wands to remind me that maybe that's exactly what I need. Spit and dirt. I have watched my spiritual elders manifest incredible magic out of spit and dirt. Even the Bible references a mixture of spit and dirt to make a blind man see again.

In practice, ashe, our magical life force, is most easily added to a ritual or spell via bodily fluids like blood, sweat, tears, and yes even spit. Additionally, dirt and that which comes from it (plants, etc) forms a foundation for most rituals and spells. The most powerful magic requires us to get down and dirty and go beyond notions of propriety. I'm talking the kind of shit that ain't never gonna make it to an Instagram tag. The strongest and most crucial magic asks us to go deep, lay ourselves bare, and deal with the ugly, the messy, and mix all of that into what we create.

A rebuilding of home held together by the barest and truest essences of who I am is exactly the magic needed for this new foundation I'm creating. Trying to make it look good and easy to myself and to others is a guarantee of discontent. What matters is that my foundation is formed of love, honesty, and true intentions. Anything less won't do me any good and will likely leave me without a home for my heart, for my sister's heart, to return to.

Get into the messiness of your creation and find magic in the moments that throw you in the dirt and pull blood, sweat, tears, and spit from you. It's not easy and it's not meant to feel great. When you're sure the goal you are reaching for is worthwhile, I have found that the aftermath evokes a contentment of victory that is known only to those who got down in the dirt and stuck through it as much as they could.