Scorpio's Vortex Spread for the Full Moon in Scorpio

I created this spread for purely selfish reasons. Simply put, I needed an engagement of the Full Moon in Scorpio energy that had nothing to do with being told to go fuck/get fucked/fuck myself. Of course I know that Scorpio is about so much more, but its challenging to find discussion around this energy that doesn't eventually dwell on sex as the primary channel of energy. 

Of course if that's your bag, do you! I'm definitely not opposed to sex as a magical vessel. I just needed something different this time around. 

Death from the Stretch Tarot, Herbal Tarot, and Night Vale Tarot

Death from the Stretch Tarot, Herbal Tarot, and Night Vale Tarot

In the tarot, Death is the Major Arcana's expression of Scorpio. It's not everyone's favorite card to receive but it has become one of mine. Tarot readers often comfort their querents when they receive it by saying Death is not always about death... but you know what, it is.

Sometimes things do need to die. Relationships end. Habits are broken. It is necessary that things come to an end. It is necessary that we release to make space for something new. One of Scorpio's symbols is the serpent; for me it's specifically the serpent caught in transition, right in the midst of shedding old skin and shimmering in its newness. 

It's right in this tension of old and new, dead and living, that I want to sit in for this full moon. This is the energy the spread below sinks into.

Scorpio's Vortex Spread

Scorpio's Vortex Spread; snake print by camille chew

Scorpio's Vortex Spread; snake print by camille chew

1) What in my world has reached its end? Make peace with death. Try not to be resistant to whatever card comes up.

2) What tools are available to help me grieve?
This position is about not rushing to just move on. We have to honor what is dying or dead as part of our healing practice in grief.

3) What does this release make space for?
Get to know your new skin. Celebrate the possibilities of filling up the newly cleared space. This position can also warn us about something not so great that could take up the space if we aren't intentional about what we're inviting in!

4) What waits for me in the vortex between death & rebirth?
Sit still awhile in the vortex of grief and transition. This is the deep breath before we continue. I also sense that this is the space where those knowledge dropping messages from ancestors and guides will really settle.

5) What seeks deeper expression?
Let new life inspire you. Send newly freed up energy to your core and release what had been pent up. Perhaps now that you have released the blockage you can really take time to focus on what is important.

6) What roots this desire in mind, body, and soul?
Without a solid foundation it is all for nothing. Grounding our desires does not mean we suppress them. Instead we are asked to honestly evaluate our motivations for what we seek to bring into being. After that we are asked to plot the path that will lead us there without looking away from the difficult and challenging.  

7) What tools are available to help me tend it?
Facing the truth of ourselves isn't always easy. We need help, and sometimes we aren't cognizant of the need or the availability of help. This position opens our eyes to what is needed, what might have been ignored, and gives us a glimpse of how to move forward into the new space we create.

my own Scorpio's Vortex reading with the Wanderer's Tarot

my own Scorpio's Vortex reading with the Wanderer's Tarot

I hope this spread provides some needed clarity for you as you work through this energy.

I also hope it's one you can return to as often as you need. We could always use some Scorpio energy in our lives.

And if you should try this spread, let me know how it goes for you! I'd love to see how it comes out for you, my loves.