Spread Creation: To Free Yourself

How is it that tightness in my gut blurs my vision?

Anxiety and doubt creep in and I suddenly forget that I am capable and wise and deserving. This is how the Devil in the Tarot feels in my body and spirit. It ain’t cute. For most folks receiving this card isn’t either.


But there are no bad cards in the Tarot, just uncomfortable ones.

The Devil is not doom and destruction- it is a warning of doom and destruction. A wake-up call to push us to notice the muck we are in and the chains keeping as there. The Devil asks as to find the difference between desire and pleasure vs. obsession and addiction.

The Devil in the Tarot wants us to acknowledge the truth of things and free ourselves.

Not an easy task, so of course I turned to the cards.

A Spread to Free Yourself

This spread is for self-doubt, imposter syndrome, hopelessness, feeling lost, pulling the Devil tarot card, and not being able to see yourself and the power you contain. The truth will set you free, but only after you find out what the truth is exactly.

It’s uncomfortable but necessary work. This may uncover or trigger some shit, remember to hydrate, stay soft, walk away if you need to, and return when you’re ready to continue. And hugs. Hugs are good too.

(Psst, Motherwort & Lemon Balm are great huggers so get that herbal tea going.)


1. What internalized self-limiting beliefs are chaining you down?

2, 3. What keys will help you unlock the truth?

4. How can you transform your chains into supportive structure?

5. What will help you sustain yourself through this work?