Spread Creation: Wading in the Water

Everyone and their mother is talking about feels on feels on feels. Well it is Cancer season. One thing I know for sure is that Cancer is not meant to overwhelm you, instead it’s supposed to open you to the kind of nourishment only water can give- spiritually and physically so drink that water!

The kind of check in that Cancer season calls for is not meant to be confined to one part of the year. It needs to happen consistently so that we can sustainably maintain balance- or when we are out of balance, do our best to return to it.

That is the intention behind this spread- an evergreen opportunity to dive into our water- our intuition, emotion, connection. Let it be the oxygen as we submerge ourselves. I needed a spread like this and I hope it is useful for your water work as well, all year round.

Important Note

Wade in the water, God’s gonna trouble the water.

You don’t believe I’ve been redeemed, Wade in the water, Just so the whole lake goes looking for me. God’s gonna trouble the water
— Ancestors

I use the phrase “wading in the water” fully aware of its historical and cultural history. Many Black historians have written about how the lyrics in the song, and other spirituals, were a code for enslaved people to find their way to freedom under the nose of the monsters who held them hostage.

I bless the name of our Moses, Harriet Tubman who used this song throughout the Underground Railroad.

While our contexts are different from our ancestors, I hope this dive into your inner waters leads you forward on the path to freedom- whatever that looks like for you. And for Black folks working this spread, may the ancestors visit with wisdom as the words of your song sing through your mind like a sacred blessing.

All my herbal tea drinkers, I recommend Rose & Yarrow while working this spread.

Wading in the Water

  1. What is the state of my relationship to water?

This position helps you understand and connect to the truth of how you process emotion, listen to intuition, indulge pleasure, and accept nourishment. Whatever comes up, may we be able to accept it and see it honestly.

2. What is the water ready to teach me?

These lessons can be the hardest to integrate. They require so much of us because they give back so much. It’s worth it, promise!

3. What needs to be brought to the surface first?

What is it that needs to come up from the depths to be faced honestly and openly. Meet this position with as much kindness for yourself as possible- what may come up may be memory or emotion that hits hard. This doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be difficult, what comes up may be a demand for you to set limits, prioritize nourishment, or indulge in pleasure.

4. What anchor is holding it down?

This position is meant to give you some insight as to what may be holding you back from what needs to come up. Again, so much compassion for yourself here. Please resist all urges to scold or blame yourself for what you learn.

5. How can I let the anchor go?

This process is not meant for scolding or blaming ourselves it is meant to seed forgiveness, grow nourishment, and tend to our hearts. This part is often difficult because it means something has to come to a close, boundaries have to be created and held, and cords must be cut. If any guilt comes up, remind yourself why this is necessary: because your worth it!

6. How can I integrate heart, mind, and body?

Just because we’re talking emotion doesn’t mean we ignore the mind and body. In fact, imbalance often comes when one of these is given priority over all others to their detriment. For me, I spend waaaay to much time in my mind and have to actively remind myself to feel into my heart and listen to my body. Whatever it is for you, invoke the spirit of Temperance and work to return to balance.

7. How can I stay open to the necessary transformation?

Here find information on how to best support a tender heart through this work. Don’t forget to get honest about where your energy and time is expended and how that affects your ability to feel safe and trust your instinct on how to move forward. Don’t forget to get honest about what you keep your energy and time from that affects your ability to truly connect.

Staying open can mean saying yes or no, depending on where we are.

my own reading using this spread with the glorious Marigold Tarot; told you I was too deep in my mind- check out the Ace of Swords in the first position!

my own reading using this spread with the glorious Marigold Tarot; told you I was too deep in my mind- check out the Ace of Swords in the first position!