A Spread for Checking in With Your Progress

Capricorn energy is off the chain right now, from Saturn to the New Moon, the season of gathering ourselves together is upon us. The New Moon in particular provides divine space to begin, start over if necessary, or build on already laid foundations. Supported by Capricorn, we are in a uniquely set season of getting things going. We can reach for the world in this moment and create the blueprints that will get us there.

Now is the time for setting the seed of our intentions for the year and figuring out what we need to provide to make them grow. Important to remember is that we are at the seed stage- now is not the time to feel pressure about results. Please ignore all media brainwashing to the contrary. 

Blooming takes time, and it's not for an age yet. Let yourself have all the time you need, and work the details out with wisdom.

Whatever you are serious about getting serious about, this new moon is your ticket to commit. Sitting with Venus, the new moon reminds us that all life is relationship and anything that we are in relationship with needs to know our intentions. Set yours and stick to them. Through thick and thin.
— Chani Nicholas

With that in mind, I created a quick spread for me to use throughout this process. I recently worked a spread that provided a bird's eye view but I needed something that looked into my foundations from the ground up. It's built as a check-in spread so I can use it as often as I need to. May it be of use to you during this New Moon and throughout your journey to meet the fulfillment of your intentions.

seasonal process check spread.jpg

1, Current energy surrounding my intention/goal setting. The general vibe may or may not change every time you use this spread and that's alright.

2, What will I have to release in order to meet them? There's always something we need to let go of, a habit that needs to get dropped quick, or a perspective that needs shifting. 

3, What will I have to embrace in order to meet them? Just as we need to let go, we also need to allow growth. We either transmute the lessons we already have from experience or learn new ones as we go along.

This and the previous card can be particularly difficult to swallow as we often realize what we need to embrace or release due to a failure or challenge that comes up.

4, What is an energy I can immediately tap into at this stage? Like I said, this is not the bird's eye view, this is a right-now-right-here kind of checking in. There's always something we can do right now, even if that something is to take some time off!

I hope this spread resonates with you. Please feel free to share your results, I'd love to hear how it showed up for you- and how you manage your fulfillment process!