Today's Path, Practice, and Posture: Stand in Your Truth

I don't always read my cards at the top of the morning, so Saturdays are usually the one time I make time to catch up on reading for myself. I'm hardly ever in the mood to do huge spreads for myself anymore, so I love punchy quick spreads and three is definitely the magic number.

One of my favorite 3-card spreads is Carolyn Cushing's Soul Practices spread. That and my Three Cards to the Heart spread have become my go-to for quick and insightful readings. It helps set me up for the day. I grabbed my Shrine of the Black Medusa tarot because dang it I need to do so much more with this deck, it's gorgeous and it forces me to slow down and pay attention to all the imagery.

And quite frankly, y'all need to see this deck more!

Path, Practice, and Posture reading with the Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot

Path, Practice, and Posture reading with the Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot


What path would best serve me today? ART.

"A vessel through which harmony flows. Art at its most pure involves channeling, and creating a balance between opposing ideas and forces to create a depiction of beauty and truth."

I love this vision of Temperance so much. It feels so much more human than other cards for Temperance. This image is messy, slightly chaotic, and also it feels exactly as it was meant to be. That's being human in a nutshell. Temperance is not just about being in perfect balance, it's about managing to feel steady and remain firm in your truth and identity when it's all raging around you. This woman dancing is absolutely rocking to her own beat while everything goes on around her- an archer prepares to fire an arrow, behind her a potter creating, there's a hooded figure to her left rather creepily approaching her with a scroll. All of that matters as much as it doesn't because her purpose is the flow of the dance, the energy of protection she creates with every twist of her hips and sway of her hands.

This is such a needed message for Mercury Rx, for the chaos of the holidays, for this moment when everything is going going going at once. How can we stay focused on the truth of our own movement, unshaken and unencumbered and somehow always finding room to move?

Today, this means everything to me. I intentionally take Saturdays apart for myself and refuse to do anything that does not fill me up and give me joy and/or nourishment. As long as it answers yes to both these questions: Will the result bring me joy? Will it nourish me? I do not compromise this day for anyone or anything short of an absolute emergency. I take the time to fill my well back up so that I am always giving of myself from the overflow. Taking this one day just for me helps me be the woman dancing all the other days of the week.


What practice will best serve me to move along this pathway? THE HANGED MAN.

"Sacrifice big and small, surrender to circumstance. Encapsulated in a song, it's 'Que Sera Sera' by Sly and the Family Stone. There is a degree of suffering and vulnerability to the hanged man that might require patience or deep understanding."

And sometimes it's not the lushest or most indulgent day. Sometimes its a pedicure, other times its a walk, and there are days when its time for me to clean my home from top to bottom. Or a day like today that will be filled with restocking on herbs and other supplies, and finding a gift for a loved one, and coming back to a thorough sweep and mop session. I'll still find time for myself, but ignoring the needs for the wants never nourished anyone for long. And the result will still bring me joy! The joy of accomplishment and completion of unfinished tasks.

Additionally, The Hanged Man calls for a surrender away from the traditional rhythm of the world to listen to yourself, and sort of just do your own thing regardless of the world's judgment. It asks for stillness and meditative focus. There's something to be heard that requires me to intentionally allow it in.


What attitudes and behaviors will be most helpful to me in undertaking this practice? QUEEN OF WANDS.

Some of the best cards in this deck are the Queens. And what a HBIC indeed. The Queen of Wands is one of my favorite cards in the tarot- and not just because she often comes with a sunflower in her hand or hair. No sunflowers to be found here, although this Queen brought her own damn sunset which is pretty friggin' boss. She holds a mirror in her hand that also looks sharp enough to be used as a bladed weapon. Her familiar is damn hyena! I love everything in this card, down to her bold lipstick.

"A supportive protector. This HBIC knows what she wants, and may leave a scorched earth if you cross here."

I have absolutely no complaints about being asked to take in this Queen of Wand's energy. I'm particularly drawn to the mirror blade. Wands are about spiritual transformation, desire, and the blaze created when we submit to our own truth. We hold a mirror up to ourselves and what we see there helps us cut through everyone else's bullshit. The Queen of Wands needs no one to legitimize, excuse, or permit her to do a damn thing. She's backlit in her own fiery sunset and has harnessed her shadow to stand with her and made it her familiar (the hyena). She ain't any kind of perfect, nor has she any need to be. She knows what gets her safely through this world and its the absolute Truth of her spirit, unswayed by all others.

So you can try to come for her if you want to. I bet you don't get past the hyena.