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#taroteveryday, prioritize your spirit without forsaking responsibility

Yesterday was tough, and so was the day before. I spent the night before that in tears, then drunk, then sick. Needless to say, it was a very unproductive Monday in a week that requires me to be so much more than that.

I eventually came out of the funk (kinda), drank some apology veggie juice and managed to keep down some food. Naturally, I did feel better (seriously, if you are feeling low do check on whether or not you've been drinking water and eating if possible) so I reached for my cards, avoiding the tarot, and opting for the Vessel Oracle and the Extraordinary Oracle.

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Kinda Magical Ideas for Your 'Tune Out Turn Down' Sorta Days

These are tools and spaces I can easily get into without thinking too hard and allow for both my curiosity and magpie lack of focus to coexist easily. I just grab a cup of tea, some chips, or a tub of ice-cream and pass time allowing my heart to do whatever in the world it's doing right now with no pressure from my brain. The bonus is, I often gain something in the aftermath (though I'll admit I'm never particularly bothered to identify what it is every single time).

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Meeting the Solstice with Four of Swords Restwork

The Four of Swords is probably one of the most well-received cards in the Swords' suit. However, there's a reason that this card belongs in the Swords suit...Rest is a struggle.

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