Tarot 101: Pages, Students of the Tarot Court

I think of the Pages as what happens when you mix the potential of the suits found in the Aces and the vulnerable humanity of The Fool.

The Pages have gone through the cycle in the minors, from Ace to Ten, and are looking for a deeper experience with their respective suit. Pages are foundational, associated with the earth element, and so are all about touch and the feelings associated with first impressions. It's curiosity, excitement, and making mistakes but not dwelling on them.


In their waking aspect, their naivety and vulnerability isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact this often leads them to new opportunities and see different perspectives with an ease the rest of the Courts don't have. Pages thrive in the treasure of opening up to new love, find pure joy in creating, solidifying a to-do list, and implementing a new a idea.

Then again, naivety and vulnerability aren't all that without some healthy boundaries and they do have a tendency to get caught up and make mistakes a lot more than the other courts- they are just more okay with it than everyone else at the tarot Court.

Pages invite us to understand that mistakes are just missteps that turn you onto a part of your journey you'd otherwise have missed the opportunity to take. 

Pages often appear to us when we are in transition spaces, or right after when we're about to start out on our new cycle. If you are one to be a bit stuck in your ways they can feel a bit frivolous or even anxiety inducing. Starting over isn't always a feel-good energy. Starting over does mean an opportunity to define ourselves, our work, our space for what we want it to be- as much as we possibly can.

The Pages are the messengers of the tarot, and bear to us the message of self-determination work to evaluate our values, perspectives, boundaries, and motivations. They also remind us to have some good ol' fun doing it!